Martin ~listed as Renfroe~ Taylor and Nellie Word were married at the bride's home Aug 13 1905 by J J Rogers.
Recorded in Etowah County alabama Court House page 345. I don't know what volume. I will have to look it up. I just have a partial copy.

Nellie Word Taylor abt 1956. I got this pic from Amanda

Renfroe Taylor and my family 1967

Some worksheet info This sheet may have some incorrect info on it. Verify your info. ~Donna~

Some of the Taylor family

Some Taylor Boys in 1973

Some Taylor Girls in 1973

Hubbard Family Cora Taylor Hubbard is to far right. Aron Lee Hubbard ~Irene's Grandfather is in front of the window, Aron Hubbard, Irene's Father has his hands on a boy. I need help identifying all of the people in this photo. I know the man to the left is Buren Hubbard. I am not sure which Hubbard is in the uniform, or which girls are which. I know they are the Hubbard girls.
Left Buren Hubbard- with hat on. The little boy in front of him is John Buford Hubbard.
The Girl next to Buren is Mary Mozzel Hubbard with her arms around Willie Faye Hubbard
The man on the back row in front of the window is Aron Lee Hubbard.
The girl with the dark hair is Elva Lee Hubbard.
The man with the coat on over his overalls is Aron Jason Hubbard. He has his hands around I think Lamar Hubbard, his son.
In Uniform is JD Hubbard
The woman to the far right is Cora Belle Taylor Hubbard, with her hands on Janette.
So this group has Aron Lee and Cora as parents. All of the others are children Aron Lee, and either Cora or his first wife Alma Snow. The only grandchild is Lamar Hubbard-the little blonde boy.

Dean Taylor 1941

About 1920 Cora Taylor, Stella Garrard and Nellie Garrard. la is the daughter of Wallace and Mary Taylor Garrard. Nellie is their granddaughter. They were living in Etowah, Carlisle Road.

Joseph Pat Taylor

Woodson Taylor 11 months old


HELP ME IDENTIFY THESE FOLKS We see Ollie Hubbard marked, On the back it says the lady on her right side is Mrs Sis Smith.
Group One
Group Two

Some Census Info
Martin R and Nellie Taylor Census Record 1930 Alabama Etowah County Howelton Sheet 8a
Martin R and Nellie Taylor Census Record 1920 Alabama, Howelton ED 109 Etowah County Sheet 9b Part A 8.10
Martin R and Nellie Taylor Census Record 1920 Second Page
I have lost my copy of 1910 census.
1900 Alabama ED 158 Etowah County page 191A Martin is at home with
Joseph C Taylor-64, Sarah J-58- parents
Nancy E-33
Martin R-25
Wm J-18
Lee, S. N. -13

Death Record Info and Links
Martin Renfroe Taylor's Funeral Memorial Record

Martin Renfroe Taylor's Death Certificate His parents are listed as J C Taylor and Sara McCloud

Link ~ J C Taylor and Sara McCloud

Nellie Leona Word Taylor's Death Certificate Her parents are listed as James Word and Mary Jane Harris.

Nellie's Obituary

Link ~ James Word and Mary Jane Harris
This link will take you to genealogy info on the Harris family,
and has information about James Monroe Word and Mary Jane Harris Word.
I have found some errors in the info, but I have errors in my own,
so confirm your info.

Link ~ Main Hubbard Page

Link ~ Aron Lee Hubbard Hubbard Page


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