Mary Jane Harris and James Monroe Word
By Diann Payne and Donna Hubbard

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Well, where shall I start? I have been working on my genealogy for a few years off and on. I have been trying to get parts of it online so that I would be able to reach more people researching my line. Lately my website got so big, and cluttered that it was hard to keep up with the information. So I separated the lines and put them on free sites. It feels much more organized.
I met Diann over the net a few years back. Who knew I could get family photo's all the way from Australia. This summer she traveled from Australia back to Alabama to visit relatives and research. She has done a tremendous amount of research. Most of these pictures she obtained during her research. We are putting some of this information online and hope to reach others researching. One thing I noticed while typing this is that I need to add meta tags to this page!!!

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Mary Harris and James Word
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Mary and James Word Baptism
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Mary Harris and James Word
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Headstone of James Word
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Mary Harris and James Word
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Headstone of Mary Word
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Some Census Information

These first three scans below are from the book by Ann Harris, Branches and Roots. This copy belongs to Cora Hubbard, but the Gadsden Public Library has a copy also. Publishing and other information are missing from Cora's copy.
They tell of the marriage of Mary Jane Harris,
daughter of Washington and Elizabeth Webb Harris ~
who are believed to be buried at the Gilliland Cemetary
which is in a pasture with only two headstones left. It is in Etowah County. ~
and James Monroe Word.
They had both been married before and had children from first marriages.

Their Marriage Certificate
I got failure to find reports on death certificates.

These next Harris scan pages tell of the children Mary Jane Harris and James Word had.

Information about Ida Word Butler Lisenby, Child of James and Mary Word

Link to Nellie Word Taylor Family Child of James and Mary Word

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