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Click on the following categories for a list of websites with ready-made or sample rubrics.




Foreign Language




Oral Presentation





Social Studies


Web Projects





Art Rubric

Rubric for Evaluation of Art Work

Visual Arts Assessment Examples

Travel Poster - Use of Color

Artwork Assessment Form

Rubric for Grading Art

DBEA Art History, Aesthetics & Criticism, Rubric

Art Rubric

Elementary Art Individual Progress Report - the same page includes the


Art Criticism Rating Scale
Defining the Qualities of a Masterpiece
Aesthetics Dialogue About the Value of Art From Different Eras
Georgia O'Keefe Color Relationships
Pastel Drawing Rubric
Portfolio Assessment Rating Scale
Art Critical Reasoning Rubric
High School Assessment Activity Vignette
High School Assessment Rubric for Visual Arts
Primary Level Art Problem Solving Assessment

Modern Art: The Impressionists – 4th and 5th Grades

Fine Arts

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Cooperative Groups

Cooperative Group for elementary

Group Processing 

Group Participation Rubric 

Team Responsibility

Collaborative Learning Scoring Rubric

Teacher’s Form for Group Evaluation

Cooperative Grouping Rubric

Group Discussion


Delegation Collaboration - Includes collaboration, consensus building and letter writing

Peer Evaluation Grades 6-8

Group Work Grades 9-12

Collaboration Rubric



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Theatre Assessment Examples

Dramatic Reader Score Sheet

Assessment Rubric for Theatre  

Acting Evaluation

Fine Arts

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Foreign Language

Oral Competency Rubric
Written Competency Test Rubric

Core French Evaluation - Saskatchewan  

Grille d'évaluation de la lecture méthodique

Assessment and Evaluation

Foreign Language HS in pdf format

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Math Assessment

Problem of the Week
Math Rubric (Missouri)

Mathematics Scoring Rubric - For math problems, this rubric looks like it could be adapted for a variety of grade levels

Math Rubrics

Jigsaw Rubric - This rubric uses pieces of a jigsaw puzzle as symbols. It is appropriate to use with younger students who may not be able to follow the words in another rubric.

Rubric with Words - Here is a rubric for younger children - uses only words.

Thermometer Rubric - This rubric is appropriate to use with older children. They can self-assess by drawing a line on the thermometer. The teacher can also assess by making a mark on the same rubric.

 Kid Pix Number Book - Kindergarten

Treasure Chest Discovery – 1st grade

Math – 4th grade

Mathematics Problem-Solving Scoring Guide

Math Rubric - A general rubric for 8th-grade math projects

Algebra I Rubrics

Geometry Rubrics

Algebra 2 Rubrics

Geometry Rubrics  

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Multimedia Project

HyperStudio Project Rubric

Multimedia Mania 2002 - Judges’ Rubric

Multimedia Mania Student Checklist

Multimedia Project Rubric Template (Excel) Another working spreadsheet to be used in evaluating multimedia presentations.  Just put in the scores and they will be totaled for you.  The form also provides for self-evaluation, as well as teacher-evaluation.  You can easily change the text of any cell to suit your curriculum and your needs.

Rubric_for_Multimedia_Presentations - For use with HyperStudio, PowerPoint or KidPix

HyperStudio Rubric for Student Work - 6pt  

A+ PowerPoint Rubric

PowerPoint Presentation

A+ Video Project Rubric

Elementary Project Rubric - Includes research journal, participation, project plan and presentation
HyperStudio Rubric
Presentation Rubric

Slide Show grade 3

Kid Pix - 2nd and 3rd

Ed. Tech and Art - 2nd and 3rd

Hyper Studio – 4th grade

School News Broadcast 5-6 grade

Research,Multimedia & TeamWork Rubric  K-2

Multimedia Presentation  K-2

Multimedia Rubric 3-5

Multimedia 9-12

Kid Pix

Technology, Research, Presentation Components Rubric for Gr. 9-10

Presentation Rubrics

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Music Examples
Music Assessment Rubrics K-12 in pdf format

Show Choir Audition Rubric

Singing Skills
Evaluation for Group Music Project
Portfolio Reflection-Classroom Music
Recorder Skill Assessment
Striving For Musical Excellence
A Sample Rubric According To Skills You Have Taught

Sea Life Music Project

Fine Arts

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Oral Presentation

Oral Presentation #1
Oral Presentation #2


Oral Presentation

Oral Presentation Rubric – 3-5

Oral Communication – pdf

Group Oral Presentation

Debate Rubric #2
Debate Rubric #3
Roller Coaster Debate
Presentation and Defense (PAD)

Total Score Sheet for Oral PAD

Teacher's Rubric for Written PAD
TV News Program  Grading Rubric  

Persuasive Speech Evaluation Rubric

Oral Presentation Evaluation

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Physical Education Assessment Rubrics K-10

PE alternative assessments

Health Rubrics
Physical Education Rubrics Developing Movement Concepts and Motor Skills Composition and Communication through Movement - Fitness - Social Skills

Sports Rubrics

Physical Education Rubrics

Worksheet: Relationship of Goals to Behaviors and Levels of Attainment

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K-3 Developmental Continuum Oral Rubric Reading for Fluency, Rate, Expression, Self-Monitoring

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade Developmental Continuum

Reading Scoring Guide

Traits of an Effective Reader Rubric

Traits of an Effective Reader Self-Assessments

Holistic Guide for Reading Log

Individual Pupil Checklist for Reading Skills

Literacy/Study Skills Observation Checklist – Primary

Student Checklist of Literacy/Study Skills – Primary

Reading Rubrics

Language Arts - (K) names upper and lower case letters 

Language Arts - (K) all strands 

Observation & Critique Rubric 

Reading Rubric

Reading 4-5

Free Reading Criteria

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Scientific Report Rubric

Planet Sizes - Teacher
Planet Sizes - Student


Science  - K

Science – Kindergarten Zoo 

Science Rubrics



Seed Rubric - This rubric is appropriate for use with younger children. It shows how a seed develops, from being planted to becoming a flowering plant. Each growth level represents a different level of performance.

I Get It! Rubric - A primary rubric that uses a combination of words and symbols to describe different levels of performance.


What I Need to Do - While not exactly a rubric, this guide assists students in demonstrating what they have done to meet each criterion in the rubric. The student is asked in each criterion to describe what they need to do and the evidence of what they did.

Skeletal System  - Kindergarten

Compare and Contrast Whales and Fish - 2nd Grade

Wellness 9-8 Grades

Butterfly 3-5 Grades


Deer – Middle Grades

Science Research Project Paper - Abstract

Proposal Rubric

Data and Graphs Rubric

Discussion of Results Rubric

Student Observation Rubric

Independent Study Project: Science, Technology, Society, and the Environment

Project Presentation Rubric

Lab Report

Biology Chemistry earth science physics

Science Demonstration Observation Form

Invention Report

Physics Project Rubric

Physics Lab Rubric

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Social Studies

Exploration Resume Project

Timeline Rubric
Map Rubric  

Map Rubric 2

Social Studies

Historical Research Project

Culture Box – 2nd grade

Community – 3rd Grade

Geography – 5th Grade

American Revolution  - 5th Grade

See the USA  3-5

Exhibit Rubric

History/Social Science Rubrics

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Utah Technology Awareness Project Rubrics 

Technology Competency Rubric

Internet Skills Rubrics
Camera Work

Rubric for Assessing Electronic Portfolios

Spreadsheet & Graph 3-5

Flight Log


Digital Imaging
Digital Art Rubric

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Web Projects

Web Project

Web Page Rubric

WebQuest Rubrics

Web Page Project Evaluation Rubric

Web page

K.Schrock's Critical Evaluation Information for the WWW
Web Page Design

Desired Characteristics for a Website

Website Evaluations
For Primary Grades
For Intermediate Grades
For Secondary Grades
School Web Site

Social Studies WWW Rubric

Creating a Grade Level Home Page 4th and 5th grades

Creepy Crawlies k-2

Frog Frenzy k-2

We Need More Space k-2

Down on the Farm k-2

Web Page Design

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Paragraph Evaluation

Persuasive writing

Writing to Persuade Rubric 

6 Trait Rubric writing

A Rubric for Grading the Five-Paragraph Essay  

NWREL's Six Traits of Writing Rubric

K Writing - 5 levels 

K Writing Checklist

Writing Rubric for K & Gr. 1

Letter Gr. 3

Language Usage 

Sentence Fluency Rubric

Writing Skills Chart

Rubrics for Writing – Primary

Fiction-Writing Content Rubric - 3-5

Literacy Study Skills Observation Checklist – Intermediate

Revision Checklist

Rubrics for Writing – Intermediate

Writing Assignment Rubric

K-2 Writing Rubrics


Autobiographical Incident Essay

Writing an Imaginary Conversation

Written Report

Journal and Hyperstudio Project (elementary)

Journal and Letter Rubric (middle school)

Paper Based on an Interview

Research Report Rubric


Editorial Rubric

Firsthand Biography

Letter Writing - 3rd Grade

Reflection Journal Rubric



Kid Friendly Writing Rubric – 1st Grade

Web Publishing

Research Paper Assessment Rubric


Writing 1st Grade

Folktales 4th – 5th Grades

Bibliography Slide Show 4th – 5th Grades

Research 4th – 5th Grades

Research 5th Grade

Research 5th Grade

Writing Workshop 5th Grade

Journal Rubric 3-5

Writing Rubric 3-5

Report 9-12

Essay and others

Language Arts and Technology

Integrated Project

General Evaluation Rubric For College Papers

Electronic/Scanable Resume Writing Assessment Rubric

Resume Rubric

Writing to Inform - Grade 8
Writing to Persuade - Grade 8
Personal Expression - Grade 8

Essay Rubric - Stylistic Analysis of Text

Essay Rubric - Stylistic Analysis of Text 10th grade

Newspaper Report Rubric Year 8

Analytical Essay on Feature Article
Analytical Essay on Style Used in Novel (Animal Farm)
Analytical Essay on Theme - Lower School
Analytical Essay on Theme - Upper School
Basic Comprehension and Composition Exercises
Descriptive Introduction to Short Story
Irony - Sarcastic Piece of Writing
Metaphoric Poems
Persuasive Speech on Contemporary Issue
Reflection Journal

Tutorial Presentation on Literary Elements in allocated Chapters in a Novel (includes a Peer Assessment Rubric which students use as they are watching the presentation of their peers)

Film Analysis
Literature Review Rubric

Comparative Study Rubric  

Article/Book Review Grading Checklist  
Lit Review Grading Checklist  

Interview Assessment Criteria

Comparison/Contrast Rubric

Elaboration Rubric

Fiction-Writing Content Rubric

Narrative Scenario Rubric

Narrative Vignette Rubric

Notecard Evaluation

Persuasive Essay Rubric I

Persuasive Essay Rubric II

Sentence Structure Rubric

Short Story Rubric

Student Checklist of Literacy/Study Skills – Middle/Upper

Student/Group Project Guide

Speaking and Writing Rubrics


Sightlines Program - Rubrics for a variety of English Assignments
Grade 7 - Sightlines  
Grade 8 - Sightlines  
Language Arts - Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, grades 9/10

Language Arts - Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, grades 11/12

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Comparison Rubric
Poster  - elementary

Sample Assessment Rubric  

Conflict Mediation – 4th and 5th Grades

Diorama Rubric 3-5

Concept Map Rubric 3-5

Rubric for Career Exploration Findings

Personal Career Plan
Portfolio Rubric - Career

Poster Evaluation

Study Skills Observation Checklist – Middle/Upper


For Fun  - Whining


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Peer Editing





Writing Process





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Templates and Rubric Generators

Blank – pdf



Generic Rubric Template (Excel) Use this template to create your own rubric to match your curriculum. (Download time: 5 seconds)

Blank Rubric

Rubric Template  - this site will ask for a password, just cancel and the template will load

Creating a Rubric Using Microsoft Word

Project Based Learning – rubric generator

RubiStar – Rubric generator

Teach-nology Rubric Generators

The Rubric MachineRubric Generator

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