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These games and activities will open in a new window.  You may want to pause the music at the bottom of this page.

Musical Mouseum - Sing along with your favorite songs.

Ted's Virtual Guitar - Play a virtual guitar online.

On Air Concert - Listen to kids from around the world playing songs they wrote. You can also listen to kids playing their own instruments, or singing a catchy tune.

Young Composers - A site where people under the age of 39 can submit their own musical compositions in MIDI format for the world to hear. Includes a searchable archive of past songs and a discussion area.

Play Music - Play a flute or bang on a timpani. The site offers an introduction to orchestral instruments. Test your knowledge in Name That Woodwind or become a virtuoso by playing an interactive instrument match-game.  

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Music Room - There many different things to do here.  Learn about the instruments of the orchestra and how to make your own instruments at home.  Also there are several cool games on this site like the Time Machine Game and Beethoven's Baseball.

This Day in Music History - Find out what happened on this day in music history.

Music Hangman - Choose the letters you hope will make up the secret word.
Click your letter choices on the computer keyboard. You can only have 10 wrong guesses or "You lose!" (Sniff, sniff). If you get the answer before the clock runs out "You win" (YEA!).

Melodic Contours - Select different musical contours using the arrow buttons under each box. You can hear the "shape" of each contour by clicking on the picture. Press "play" to hear how you've shaped the music!

Playing (with) Music - Use your mouse to change the tempo and dynamics of music by Beethoven. 

Musical Puzzles - Choose a puzzle by clicking on one of the three "notes" on the left. Listen to the music by clicking on "PLAY". Each ball contains a phrase of music. Click on each ball to hear each musical phrase. Drag the balls to the "hopscotch" board to put the musical phrases in the right order. Click "OK" to see if you've solved the puzzle! 

Cartoon Conductor - Roll the cursor around the cartoon to animate it with images and music!

Rhythm Band - To draw music on the screen, click on the pencil, choose an instrument and draw on any of the 6 lines of the percussion score. To listen to your composition, click on the conductor. This will bring up a QuickTime player where you can play back your music. 

Musical Sketch Pad - To draw music on the screen, click on the pencil to activate the "sketch" mode. Choose an instrument and draw on the sketch pad. To listen to the composition you've sketched, click on the conductor. This will bring up a QuickTime player where you can play back your music. 

Foxy Dance School - This game exercises memory and recall using a musical theme, but because it is animated it can also be played without putting great emphasis on the notes (especially with younger children). Listen and watch the characters and then click on the characters to match the pattern.  

Copycat - Stay out of the doghouse by repeating the note patterns the kitty plays. For one player.

Essentials of Music Theory Online Crossword Puzzle - Complete the Online Crossword Puzzle to discover the different terms and concepts introduced in Volume 1 of Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory. Have fun! For one player. This is a tough one.

Music for Little Mozarts Memory Game - Master your concentration skills while learning about music. For one player.

Musical Darts - Throw three darts per round to accumulate points, then answer a music-related question correctly to subtract those points from your score. You win when you have exactly zero points. You have ten rounds to reduce your score to zero in a single-player game, or be the first player to reach zero points in a two-player game. For one or two players.

Mickey's Junkyard Jam - One of my favorite sites.  Help Mickey (the conductor) and make music by clicking on the characters.

Friends at Hoppy Hill - Click on animals and hear different sounds. Then record and playback the sounds to create your own musical piece.

Drum Lessons - Watch this "groovy" drum instructor at NetGames as he pats out rhythms on the drums. Then copy him to test your skill at this music memory game. Fun for everyone.

PianoMouse Cheese Factory - Great game for more advanced students. Name the correct note on the staff and give Pianomouse the cheese. If you answer incorrectly, Puccini the cat gets the cheese instead! This game gets four stars from us.

Singing Cats - Listen to the alley cats sing and copy them. This is a music memory game with three levels of difficulty. It's a lot of fun for music lovers (and cat lovers) of all ages!!

Dr. Strad's Violin - Help Dr. Strad put his violin back together. First you have to click on his dialogue bubble a few times before the puzzle appears. Visit this website and hear string music, and learn about string instruments, while putting together a puzzle.

Singing Leaves - This is really simple but cute. Visit the Hoppy Hill web site. You click on the leaves and flowers to play the squirrel's piano arranged based on the 12-note chromatic scale. Good for the preschool or early grades. It does take a couple of minutes however for the graphics to appear, so a little patience is needed.

Veggie Tales Music Memory Game - This really cool site is fun for all ages! After the game downloads, click on spinning musical recordings, each with a different tune. Match the tunes and score big points. This game has different levels of difficulty.

Singing Stairs - Click on stair steps to play scales and click on flowers to play intervals. Enter Hop Pop Town and have fun! Patience is needed before the image appears.

Wubbie Songs - Slide your curser across the Wubbies and make them sing. Make up your own songs or play the Wubbie's favorites by following the Wubbie notation. For the young at heart.

Barney and Friends - Sing along with Barney and his friends.

Arthur's Music Box - Listen to Arthur's music while doing a puzzle.

Sagwa's Musical Lanterns - Create your own song or play the lantern matching game.

Repeat the Beat - Listen and click on the characters to complete this jazz beat.

Play A Sound Sound Waves Piano - How about combining science and music? Click on this site and see sound wave oscillations as you play each note on the piano. Notice that the higher the pitch the faster the sound wave moves. Great for budding scientists of all ages.

Bear In The Big Blue House - When the program finishes loading and Bear's house appears, Click on the musical instruments to add to music. This is a very easy game for preschoolers.

Out Of The Box - Go to Disney's "Out of the Box" site.  You will find a Sing Along activity, a Dance Along activity and you can play in the Saucepan Jam.

Rolie Polie Olie Band - Go to web site and hear the Rolie Polie Olie Band.  Click on the family members to stop or start them from playing their instruments.   

Pooh's Musical Honey Pots - Help Pooh make a song by clicking on the honey pots.

Frogs on a Log - Here is another musical band, but this time it's the frogs who provide the music! Click the "Play Now" button to go to the games.  Then click the "Music" tab.  Then click the frog to play the game. 

Oswald's Piano - Play the piano with Oswald to help him play a song for his dog.  Click the "Play Now" button to go to the games.  Then click the "Music" tab.  Then click the Oswald (the blue guy) to play the game.

Blue's Clues Music Maker - Match the musical instruments to complete a pattern.  Click the "Play Now" button to go to the games.  Then click the "Music" tab.  Click on Joe to play the game.

80's Music Game - O.K. parents, how well do you remember the groups of the 80's.  Test your memory.

Quia! Music Trivia - Play games to test your knowledge of composers, instruments, musical occupations, elements, and terms. 

Many of the games need a Shockwave or Quicktime plugin.  A plugin is software that allows you to play the game.  Click the links below to download these plugins.

Macromedia Shockwave Player Download

QuickTime Download


I've screened the games but sites change over time, so please E-MAIL ME! to let me know if you have any problems or if you want to add a favorite music game of your own. Have fun!!