Mililani Yo-yo Club FAQs

(Frequently Asked Questions)


What do I have to do to become a member of TEAM CENTRIFUGAL FORCE?

    Candidates are nominated by a member of the team, are observed during classes, and are voted on by all team members.

We are looking for...

    • people with good, positive attitudes.

    • people who are good role models.

    • people who are willing to give their time to the community to TEACH others the art of yo-yo playing.

    • people who can come to class early and help set up the yo-yo area.

    • people who can stay late to help clean up.

    • Basically . . . slave labor...AND we are looking for TEACHERS, not just good yo-yo players.

What do I get for being a member of TEAM CENTRIFUGAL FORCE?

    • SATISFACTION - The only thing you get from being a Team Centrifugal Force member is the satisfaction of helping others in the community.

What kind of yo-yo should I get?

Beginner - Brain, X-Brain, or some kind of auto-return yo-yo
    1.    These yo-yos don't require too much maintenance - Just a drop of Brain Lube when your yo-yo starts making strange noises when it's sleeping.
    2.    These yo-yos will teach you to sleep your yo-yo properly - Once you can make it sleep, you can make any yo-yo sleep.
Intermediate/Advanced - Fireball, Raider, etc...
Awesome - If you need to ask by the time your think you've reached this level . . . you're NOT at this level.

How do I oil my yo-yo?

    Brain/Fireball - Brain Lube or Vaseline Lip Therapy

    Raider type yo-yos - Vaseline Lip Therapy

    Metallic Missile, Renegade, Viper - DO NOT OIL!

How often should I replace the string?

    Your parents won't like this (because string is expensive), but you should change your string fairly often. Some members of the Mililani Yo-yo Club will replace their string after an hour or less of yo-yo play. It is not recomended to play for more than 8 hours with the same string.  The more you play or the harder you throw your yo-yo, the more the string will wear out.  A worn out string will affect your yo-yo play.  If your string becomes knotted, CHANGE IT!

How do I replace my string?

    Let your yoyo hang, then spin the yo-yo counterclockwise to loosen the string. When the string around the axle opens, slip the the yo-yo out.  You new string has a loop tied on one end...DON'T TIE THIS ON THE AXLE!  Pinch the tip of the other end of the string and twist it until the string separates.  Open the loop and slip it over your yo-yo.*

*Brain Yo-yos need 3 loops (loop, twist, loop, twist, loop) over the axle for it to work properly. Vipers should have 2 loops.

How long should my string be?

    Somewhere around belly button height.  Let your yo-yo hang to the ground, make a loop at your piko (belly button) and tie a over hand knot into your string.  Cut off the excess string.

Why are yo-yos so expensive?

    Good question.  Go ask the yo-yo manufacturers.


Why won't my Brain yo-yo return?

    1.    You probably have the spacer backward.  The o-ring should be in toward the brain half of the yo-yo.
    2.    You don't have enough twists around the spacer.  We recommend 3 twists.

Why won't my Brain yo-yo sleep?

    1.    Your string is tangled inside your yo-yo.  DON'T TAKE YOUR YO-YO APART TO CHANGE THE STRING!  This is the #1 way string gets tangled in the yo-yo.  Replace your string as mentioned above.
    2.    Your yo-yo is broken.  Buy a new one from SURPRISE! - Great prices and a knowledgeable staff.

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