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02nd April- More Mania news concerning releases, upcoming sets, etc.

Well, Comic Images has posted the Raw Deal Tourney results at their site.
Also, there is also an interview with Zev, the commish concerning all aspects of Raw Deal. More bits and info, hit the Updates.

Also, the deck I submitted to Team Canada is in the Top 10 for March. Entitled "Austin Suplexs Mr Gay" I would like to feature it in our KYR Deck Vaults.

25th March- New artlcle uploaded, more spoilers

Comic Images has posted the latest and last batch of Mania spoilers at their site (complete with all the pictures for superstar cards). To view the Mania Maneveurs/Action/Reversal spoilers, click HERE

With Mania coming up, I posted an article into the Rumbling titled "Torturous Backlash Days". It is about the days of the Backlash enviroment spoiling the game of Raw Deal- For ME. Also, a new CardTech added: Charismatic Style

19th March-Uploaded some information

Yup, I have uploaded the previous, still releated articles in the strategy sections! For those who have not yet take a look, do go read up. They are 1 each in General and Card Techs.

Also, I guess most of you have already read RAW is WAR(after WrestleMania). Linda wants to spilt the WWF into 2! This is the roster spilt we have already been expecting for some time, with the roster being divded as a result of too many talents with the WWF. They currently have more than 135+ active wrestlers on their roster and most of them are not getting their TV time. So the spilt...What does this mean for Raw Deal? RAW and SMACKDOWN! stipulations card?!? This is getting horrible!!!

Also, congratulations to Mike Canu for sucessfully becoming the first ever Raw Deal World Champion at WrestleMania 18!!!

18th March- Site Updates, Spoilers added

Well, WrestleMania is said and done, with Triple H finishing it by regaining the championship and becoming the 2nd Undisputed Champion. Though word has it that they will unify both titles into 1. Hmm...another card idea?

Anyway, the Comic Images site has slowed down with the Spoilers, most probably because of the WrestleMania 18 WWF Championship tourney. So we have to wait and see for more Spoilers. Till now, I have added Mania Spoilers to the Spoilers section. Also, remember to check CI site reguarly. They are featuring a new card every now and then, with APA as the latest.










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