Holmans and Rules Shaft of South Caradon mine on the Slopes of Caradon Hill
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Major Updates to this web site have not been published for the last two years pending the results of public access bill (The CROW bill or the "right to roam").


The definitive map is now in force and access is now permitted to the South Caradon mine site. However, this web site has not been amended fully to reflect this important change.



A CD-ROM has been produced of the Symon's 1863 map and Webb & Geache's 1863 publication. It goes under the title of the

"Liskeard Mining Area in 1863"



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A view of South Caradon Mine 

The View explored

  Last Update January  2006  
  Welcome to this view of South Caradon mine web site. It is a  project aimed at providing an insight to the operation and history of a large disused Cornish Copper mine. 
Within this website of over 50 pages is described the view from the public right of way that runs between Crows Nest and Minions. From this footpath the remains of South Caradon can be seen across the Seaton valley laid out across the landscape. A landscape that perhaps is the most complete example of a copper mine in Cornwall. In describing this amazing view the history, operation and layout of one of the county's most famous mines is explained. 

IGeo-Cities sometimes block the site when it becomes too popular, I apologise if you have had trouble getting in to us. Any willing hosts out there willing to give us a free home drop us a line. 

The  Sites objectives.  

  • To encourage the awareness of history in the landscape. 
  • To give examples of the interpretation of an Industrial landscape.. 
  • To record and hopefully add to the  knowledge of this very important site. 
  • To illustrate Cornish mining terms and technology. 
South Caradon mine was one of the largest copper mines in Cornwall, and one with a fascinating history. It is a enterprise with a rags to riches story and one that had a huge impact on the social, financial and transport history of South East Cornwall. The emigration that resulted from its final closure spread this impact around the world to wherever metal was mined. 

The mine now forms an important part of the Cornish World heritage site bid.

" Far beneath the embankment on which we stood ,men women and children were breaking and washing ore in a perfect marsh of copper coloured mud and copper coloured water. we had penetrated to the very centre of the noise, the bustle. and the population on the surface of a great mine"  
Wilkie Collins Victorian Novelist , view from LCR  
Rambles beyond Railways 1851 
Important Note 
On many mine sites in Cornwall dangers may still exist, many hidden.  
This web site is published as a resource to those using public rights of way.