At the glamorous venue of Le Grande Hotel, adjacent to the Monza track in Italy, the magnificent new MTR-BMW was unveiled to the world this afternoon in a sensational car launch. The event started with a performance from Kylie Minogue and a superb piece of stand-up comedy from none other than Scot Billy Connolly himself. With the crowd in high moods, the lights dimmed and MTR Manager and Number One Driver Ally Morrison came onto the stage with a rapturous applause.

"I thank you all for making an appearance here this afternoon for the official unveiling of the MTR-03, which will be lining up on the grid for the new season. Today is a special day for us at MTR: a lot of work has gone into making sure that the car for the new season would be a challenger for the titles in 2003. I believe that the designers, the engineers, the mechanics, and everyone else involved in making this car have done a sterling job in ensuring that the package was right. Sure enough, only time will tell if their efforts pay off, but with the aid of pre-season testing, the conclusion is that this car will be a challenger for both the Drivers and Constructors titles. With the help of BMW, we have been supplied with by far the most powerful engine on the grid. With their dedication and ambition, we have under our influence an engine supplier that desire to be the best, which is MTR's ambition also. We will also be using Bridgestone tyres and Shell fuel for the new season, renewing our contracts with them for a second season. Furthermore, with the help of Nintendo, we have the finances available to us that will benefit our challenge and help to develop the car later in the season. Without their financial support, we simply wouldn?t be here this afternoon. So help them out and go buy yourselves a Gamecube: you will be amazed at just how first-class it really is! So, without further ado, let me introduce to you the car that will steam ahead of the pack in 2003, the MTR-BMW!"

On that note, the lights dimmed and 10 lovely ladies in bikinis swept onto the stage, and pulled off the blue satin sheet with Europe's "The Final Countdown" blaring in the background. The sheet which hid the beautiful new MTR car from the public eye slid off, and after an array of photograph flashes and ear-splitting cheers, Morrison stepped back onto the stage.

"Didn't I tell you she was a beauty?! This is the car which you will see making an impact on the GPTC in 2003. Success is sought, points are vital, and victory is inevitable."

At this point the crowd stood on their feet and put their hands together in appreciation of Morrison?s words.

"Now let me hand over to my counterpart for the new season, England's Dan Lawrence!"

With that the crowd cheered as Dan Lawrence made his way onto the stage to take over the mike.

"I am really pleased to have signed with MTR. I was not short of offers when I initially decided to enter the GPTC but felt that MTR would be the right team for me.
As luck would have it though, the team secured a fantastic works supply of BMW's, which should make my job even easier! I hope for a competitive start to the 2003 season, although I will be participating in the early races with an old steering system. With a bit of luck we will be able to fit my car with the latest technology in the early part of 2003. Until then I will be satisfied with some consistent Top 6 finishes although afterwards I would like to be challenging for podiums and more!"

With that Morrison came back out in racing overalls for the press to get pictures of the team-mates with the new car, and after that was finished with, Morrison addressed the crowd.
"Now I would like to invite you all to see this car in action on the circuit, as you can't appreciate the car for what it is until it is out on track. Once again, I thank you for attending the launch this afternoon, and I wish you a pleasant afternoon."

Morrison and Lawrence took a standing ovation, and then left to join the mechanics track-side. Both drivers completed a number of laps around the Monza track before calling it a day, leaving the press and the fans more than satisfied. The BMW was on form, sounding as sweet as ever. MTR have the car which can bring success to them this year, no question about that...
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