Team Drivers

Taryn "RC" Sparacio

Primary driver Taryn Sparacio officially signed onto the team roster in April, 2000.  This aspiring young driver's primary focus is ICSCC Road Racing.

Before her acquisition to the team, she competed in Open Road Racing in Nevada as a driver.  Not only is she fixated on high speed driving, she also competes in autoX, kart endurance racing and participates in Club Opentrack events in her 1965 Fastback Hi-Po Mustang and 1998 SVT Mustang Cobra.

RC is not only a driver, but she also functioned as a navigator in the September 1999 Silver State Classic Challenge.  Taryn currently competes in the ICSCC road race series in the Pro-7 class.  Watch for some strong finishes with this up and coming driver.

Carlo Sparacio

Secondary driver, test driver and car builder, Carlo Sparacio.  This talented driver has competed in several Open Road Races in Nevada, entering classes ranging from 125 mph-140 mph average speeds. With the help of Navigator Chris Hesketh, they won the 130 mph class in May 1999.

Carlo also competed in Regional SCCA Solo II in the 1998-1999 season championship, finishing 2nd and 1st respectively. 

In addition to Open Road Racing and Solo II,  Carlo competes in the ICSCC road race series in ITA and Pro-7, SCCA Solo I,  Kart Endurance racing, Rally Cross and Club Lapping days.  Carlo's ambition is to place 1st in the 2001 race season in Pro-7 or ITA.

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