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This is a mellow race lap in Pro-7----Click to enlarge
T.C. Motorsports has begun the 2000 race season with their newly developed Pro-7 Rx-7.  Several races have been completed with very good results.  Additional track testing is scheduled for early August.
T.C. Motorsports Pro-7 race program and information
Taryn flying through T2 at SIR--- Click to enlarge
Team Drivers: Just who are these dedicated racers?

What is Pro-7?:  Learn more about Pro-7, car specs and class rules.

2000 race schedule: What race is next and at what track?

2000 race results: Find out how the team is doing.

Latest Press Release: Whats new in the TCM paddock?
Additional Motorsports Information
Taryn's '65 289 Hi-Po Fasback in T9 at SIR!
The rental Neon playing in the mud...Info coming soon!
Taryn during her competition driving school.
Driving Schools RallyCross Club Lapping Days Solo I and II
Driver Carlo and Navigator Chris preparing to avg. 140 mph on Nevada's Hwy 318.  Info coming soon!
1998 BMW M3-SOLD
Indoor Karting
Open Road Racing
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