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Teatru Menz is a Maltese theatre group set up by actors that take acting very seriously. They got together at the end of 1997 and started preparing for their first production, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest by Dale Wassermann.

The name of the group is derived from the name of a play that is highly-regarded in Maltese dramatic and literary circles. It was written by Francis Ebejer, a local playwright who was acclaimed internationally. The play itself, MENZ, is considered to be one of the best works of its genre and a breakthough in Maltese literary history.

Most of the actors in the group are quite experienced in the field. Some have even been acting for years. The group does not intend to make any profits from this endeavour but act solely out of their love for the stage.

In June 1998, Teatru Menz took part in a drama festival that was part of the activities marking the occasion when Valletta (capital city of Malta) was cultural capital of Europe. In this festival, they presented another play by Francis Ebejer called Iz-Zjara (The visit) and placed first amongst many other drama companies that were participating.




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