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This site's mission is to give beer reviews that anyone can understand. From the beer geek to the guy who likes a cold one while watching the game. Other beer review sites get down to scientific details that only the die hard of the beer geeks understand or care to understand. We at this site keep the reviews simple and in english, just because we dont talk about the hops, yeast, and barley dont mean that our reviews are any less a review then the scientific ones. We talk about the taste, smell, smoothness, and anything else that we think you would be interested to know. We dont claim to be experts on beer so dont expect a expert review.

Our main focus is widely distributed domestic and imported beer. It wont help most of you if we reviewed beer that you can only buy in a small area. We dont favor either domestic or imported, each beer gets a fair review. Same thing goes for the type of beer, if we dont have many reviews for the type of beer you like, give us time to get to them.

All that we ask of you is to have a open mind. Some people like to criticize certain types of beer even before they've tasted it. To us, that makes you a snob or just a fool. So enjoy the reviews, we keep the layout simple and straightforward so you get to where you want to go fast. We are always thinking of improvements and new features so bookmark this page and come back daily for new updates and reviews.
tech673 and punkass

UPDATES: (all updates by tech673)
February 20, 2003: I know what your saying to yourself right now "I be damned, they updated!" but dont get excited. The last update was back in September and since then nothing much has changed. Both punkass and I have needed to use our little time we get each day for more important things. It was fun to update this site but with many hobbies, money and time become to hard to find. Money isnt a problem but more the fact of spending $7 on a 6pack that you end up only drinking one bottle cause the taste is so bad. You give me a store with a huge inventory of tall boys or pints and I'll get some each week but finding a store like that is not likely to happen. I cant really speak for punkass but I know he gets a lot of homework each week and when it comes to party time, you dont really want to try new things out when all you want is a major buzz. When I do find the time to enjoy, its usually down at the bar near work thats small and quiet. They got Miller Lite on tap and for me thats all I need. punkass just likes to get drunk, ha eat it.

Now on to something else. I dont see punkass or myself really updating this page much. There still isnt a good amount of beer pages out there for the normal beer guy/gal and that probably wont change. Most likely cause they rather drink then type which is nothing bad. So till something changes, punkass and I will enjoy what we drink now and maybe we'll post a review once in a while but dont bet the good shit on it.

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