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Personal Success
No one becomes successful by accident. Success
requires making a plan and sticking to it. It is
simple, but does require commitment; it is not hard to
do, but does require hard work. The good news is that
once you begin, the results start coming almost
instantly. The miracle of successful living is that
the smallest step towards success attracts more
success! Here is a very brief outline of the key
points that will help you achieve the highest levels
of success.

1. Look into the nearest mirror.
the person staring back at you is the only person
responsible for your success. Smile! No one else is
the cause of your success or to blame for your short
comings. Successful people take full responsibility
for their actions.

2. Smile back at your reflection.
Successful people are cheerful, optimistic, and
forward thinking. If you think you don't have anything
to smile about, smile anyway. Positive thoughts drive
out negative thoughts. It's hard to have a negative
thought while you are smiling!

3. Positive self-esteem is the foundation for success.
Feel good about yourself and your abilities,
achievements and potential. Don't dwell on your
mistakes. Remind and praise yourself on your past
accomplishments. Congratulate yourself for taking
positive steps toward a more successful future.

4. Believe in yourself.
You are here for a purpose. God doesn't make extras
just to fill in the scenery. Find your mission and
begin working to fulfill it.

5. Desire to be a success.
Decide right now that you will be successful. Commit
to being successful.

6. Associate with successful people.
Do what they do. When faced with choices, make the
choice a successful person would make. Blow your bonus
check on a gambling trip or invest it?

7. Avoid unsuccessful people.
Do not under any circumstances associate with negative
people. Negative people are toxic; they destroy, they
do not build. They are vampires that can live only by
draining the life from others. The odds are greater
that they will pull you down faster than you can lift
them up. You can choose to stay away from all the
negative people in your life. Avoid all the whiners,
complainers, blamers and thumbsuckers.

8. Do what you are best at and what you get the most
satisfaction from.
There is no reason to stay stuck doing things that are
frustrating, boring, unhealthy, unproductive,
demeaning or unfulfilling.

9. Write down a vision of how you want to live your
life. Be specific. Where you want to live, what kind of
carpet, who your friends are, the pony's name, what
the new church rec hall you donated looks like, etc.
Make a Future Scrapbook; paste in pictures, drawings,
essays, clippings. Make up news headlines about your
achievements. Every day visualize yourself as you
would like to be - and then act that way!

10. Write down your biggest goal, the one you most
want to fulfill. Write it in the present tense, "I am...",
"I have...", "I contribute...". Success is the result of a
personal decision, so start your goal with "I". Read your
goal aloud every morning and night. Tell people your goal.
Make a plan to achieve your goal and stick to it.

11. Study the science of success.
Read books, listen to tapes, watch videos and positive
TV programming. Talk to successful people and ask them
how they became successful. Fill your mind with
positive thoughts and give yourself positive

12. Every day do something that brings you closer to
your goal.
Never give up. You can only fail if you quit trying.
Keep on keeping on and you will succeed. Achieving
success requires following a system. Begin today by
putting these 12 points into daily practice.

Everybody experiences fear of failure, uncertainty,
insecurity, low self-esteem, indecision, depression,
nervousness and embarrassment. Successful people
master these temporary conditions by taking positive
action, by sticking to their plan, by maintaining
their vision of the future, by learning from setbacks
and by rededicating themselves to the pursuit of their
mission. By following these simple steps you will
become successful and achieve all that you desire.

-Ramanathan, P.


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