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Welcome Technosoft visual assembler home page


This site is dedicated to the development of a Visual IDE for assembly language. This IDE is developed using VB6 and MASM. MASM is used for performance critical functions.

When programming in Win32 Assembly Language, the main difficulty is the win API syntax itself. Things like API names, number of parameters, what parameters are available, correct cases of variable/API name, etc. Also incorrect use parameters can lead to programme crash. To alleviate some of these problems I started writing this 'Visual Assembler'. Now it has more features than simple syntax correcting. It also has visual resource editor. For more information check the 'Features'.

Old version was created using CMAX editor control. Performance of this old version quite low. The new built in editor, which is developed from scratch, is much more powerful and has much improved performance. In addition new IDE has PSEUDO object oriented assembly language.