English /Huttese Dictionary

Spoken Word_________English Word________Line Cite

and--------------- Chona---------------16

Boy----------------- Boo-kee --------------------3,5

bounty-------------------- Boong --------------6,16

come---------------- Bas -----------------7

change------------------ Kee--------------- 16

do/can do/ done/ did--------------- Chees---------------- 13,3,4,11

droid -----------------------Droid --------------------13

fail--------------------- Ba------------------------- 5,6

fifteen-------------------- Eenteen-------------------- 6

five -------------------------Figh ------------------16

Fry--------------- Crispa--------------- 3

fear ----------------------Lee -----------------------16

fool ------------------Koong ------------------22

game Buh 25

Give Wanjee 9,13

heel Dracht

him/her Koos

inventive Loonung

is/has -a 3

isnít/nít -ay 4

if Ill

in NoomaJedi Jedi

mind Koon

My/I Ma

no/not ( negative suffix) Pah

out Nakma

on Ka

OK Ploon

percent Toh

surprise Oipa

a huttese curse (Holy Shit!) Oolyambwooba

take Manga

that Oon

the Doo

thirty Tunty

twenty Eenty

weak Mahlyass

will Koh

you Ya

young Oong


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