Who is *Magic Asya*?

The mayor of Magic Asya's Purple Town, DUH!

Well, believe it or not, there is more to me than that.


Where the magic baby came fromItz me!
My mama's womb, which was occupied by my sister before me

The astrochild in me
My sun sign is Taurus, and I contain many of the qualities of that sign (I am loving, stubborn, trustworthy, and patient with a need for security and beautiful things.) I also have a great influence in Sagittarius, which makes me philosophical and spiritual. In some areas of my life, I am very independent and leader-like, which comes from my Aries AS. My need for communicating through words and speech comes from my Gemini influences, and my unique way of doing things is thanks to my Aquarius moon. Libra and Scoprio rule over my intimate relationships. They make me both peaceful, social & moral, and secretive, possessive & passionate. My PF is in Capricorn, as is my MC, and that adds structure and organization to my work. The shape of my chart is the seesaw, cursing me with a tendency to not be able to reach a desicion on ANYTHING. In Chinese Astrology, I was born in the year of the boar/pig.


According to Emode, one of my favorite websites of all times, I am left-brained
Left-brained people are good at: Solving problems logically, writing nonfiction, algebra, remembering verbal material, recalling people's names, and telling stories rather than acting them out.
Emode also said this of me
We also discovered that when it comes to visual-spatial ability, you measure in the 100th percentile. This score indicates you have unusually strong abilities when it comes to spotting patterns in the world around you. You're easily able to envision things spatially in different positions, and this allows you to determine what spatial patterns are present. Compared with you, most others lack the creative ability and/or skill to imagine the movement of objects or patterns in time and space.
Emode also says that I am best suited for a creative job
As a Personable type, you are a true generator of original thoughts. You probably like to think that you're equally as good at spinning old ideas as you are at projecting what might be possible in the future.
Your compassionate nature draws people to you. Because you can relate to others, you see yourself as a diplomat of sorts. You prefer to avoid disruption in the workplace if at all possible especially if you can help others avoid discord.
You are particularly intuitive when it comes to reading some people. And because of your social smarts, people tend to like being around you.


My general interests are spending time with my friends, talking and playing games; spending time on-line, chatting, writing e-mail, or surfing the web; visiting new places, both in my town and around the world; watching TV and movies, pretty regular teenage stuff...
My favorite books are The Outsiders by S.E.Hinton, The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, and Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. I also highly enjoyed A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Ender's Game.
My favorite artist is Rene Magritte and I am finding myself more and more drawn to surrealism and expressionism. Other favorite artists of the genre are Max Ernst and Salvador Dali. I am also a fan of Edward Hopper.


I will not be updating my site for the next few months (as if I have been for the last few :-P) because I will be spending February-June 2003 studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia. When I return I will probably have a lot to share and devote a part of my site to the experience, but in the meantime, please bear with me. If you would like to follow my goings-on, check out my study abroad on-line journal, listed below.


Travel Journal
Yahoo! Photos picture album
Monash University Travel Writing web-project: history of the Loch Ard shipwreck
Read about what happened to me at the 1998 World Figure Skating Championships.

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