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I have found most of the information on this website through a local university's libary and through some helpful suggestions from other webmasters and visitors to this site. Due to certain circumstances (mostly technological), I am unable to post everything that I find onto this website.

What follows is a listing of materials I've found that, in some way, pertain to Bob Peck.

Nicholas Nickleby

The Nicholas Nickleby Story: The Making of the Historic Royal Shakespeare Company Production
by Leon Rubin
Penguin Books
New York: 1981

Photographs of Bob Peck as Brodie and Hawk were scanned from this book. This book barely mentions Mr. Peck.


Most of the review exerpts in the theatre sections of this website were culled from issues of [London] Theatre Record. Other reviews and articles came from the now defunct Plays and Players. Some of these issues also feature photographs from the productions but, because these items could not be checked out of the library, I have been unable to scan them for this website.

Reviews for...
Bandits: Plays and Players, October 1977, Volume 25, No. 1, Issue No. 288.
The Bundle: Plays and Players, March 1978, Volume 25, No. 6, Issue no. 293, p. 31.
Rutherford and Son: Plays and Players, June 1994, Issue No. 483, p. 11.
The Way of the World: Plays and Players,
March 1978, Volume 25, No. 6, Issue No. 293, pp. 28-29.


Shakespeare: An Illustrated Stage History
Edited by Jonathan Bate and Russell Jackson
Oxford University Press, Inc.
New York: 1996
ISBN 0-19-812372-8

The photograph of Ben Kingsley and Bob Peck in Hamlet is featured in this book. There are sections in this book dedicated to certain productions of Shakespeare's plays, including a page or two about Buzz Goodbody's minimalist production of Hamlet. Other productions featured are John Barton's Much Ado About Nothing (starring Judi Dench and Donald Sinden) and Peter Hall's Hamlet starring David Warner.


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