The Instant Monty Python CD Collection

This six CD collection of seven Python albums is a must for the serious fan. And the special booklet inserted into the box is a tasty treat in its own right, containing hilarious text pieces, song lyrics, mock album titles, and many great images.
I'm not sure how much the package goes for, as mine was bought for me as a gift, but I'm sure that the price is a small one to pay for the serious Pythonite. This page will transcribe some of the funniest contents of the booklet for those of you unfortunate enough to be without!

Collection Contents

Companion CDs As Shown In The Collection

(Nearly complete!)

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DISCLAIMER! The words contained herein are indeed copyrighted materials (except for my bits), and are the creative work of some of the most brilliant and hilarious minds of the 20th century (no, I'm not talking about John Paul George and Ringo!). If any of the thoughts and statements made herein offend you, then take a step back, take a deep breath, and then go and soak your head. Use these words peacefully, do not use them as deadly weapons, and by all means show the Pythons a little respect and buy everything that you see with their names on it (just like I have!). You REALLY shouldn't be running around trying to sell these sketches (or images or sounds for that matter), and if you are, then shame on you!