Author and photographer Craig Hamrick has been profiling celebrities since the mid-1980s. Collected here are the texts of several interviews he has conducted with stars of the TV classic Dark Shadows.


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On Dark Shadows, Nancy Barrett played Carolyn Stoddard, a girl who just wanted to have fun...

As Angelique, Lara Parker cast vicious spells -- including placing the vampire curse on Barnabas, played by Jonathan Frid.

Using the pen name Marilyn Ross, Canadian author Dan Ross wrote a series of wildly successful paperback books based on Dark Shadows.

Alexandra Isles played Victoria Winters...the governess who never seemed to quite understand the evil goings-on at Collinwood.

Eileen Herlie wasn't on Dark Shadows...but she did co-star with Louis Edmonds (Roger Collins) in his next on-screen life: He was Langley Wallingford on All My Children, and she was his carney crony, Myrtle Fargate.

Likewise, Carol Burnett never showed up at Collinwood, but she did visit Pine Valley to track down her father, Langley.

"Conversations" was published in book form in 1993.
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