This is my world of Daria. I love watching that show. I put on this site a story about Daria, where she meets the new kid and becomes his friend. Check out The New Kid at Lawndale High.

For all you people who don't know who Daria is, watch MTV. And check out her MTV site.

I know for returning favs of the site, it hasn't changed much. I kinda left it alone for awhile, like a couple of years ago. I pursued other web pages, which I have optimized as much as I could. And for those who are new here, don't pick at my spellin, gramatical, and daria errors. I started this story as a young teenager with nothing to do one night. I wrote part one after reading some other peoples fanfics. I didn't plan on having any set plan for it. I didn't even know Daria that much. I know it has Daria errors. In fact, I am in the process of fixing them.

I have read in my guestbook that I should submit the story idea to MTV so that they can make a show about it. I have considered it, and even checked out the site on that one. They don't do that.

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And for those anxious to read Part 4 Section 2, You will have to just wait. But until then, here is Part 4 Section One

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