Welcome to the OWKEB!!!!  This page was created to pay homage to that Star Wars Hottie, Obi-Wan Kenobi and his countpart Ewan McGregor.

We invite you to join us and other fans to come together and discuss as well as drool over these fine specimen of masculinity.   On these pages you will find, fan fic, and pictures; trivia not only relating to Obi-Wan and Ewan, but to the entire Star Wars Universe.  We will post anything we can dig up about the next two installments, as well as any info on upcoming Ewan movies.  Plus, if you have any info you wish to have posted we will add that as well.  So, come and join in the fun!!!!
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IMAX Attack of the Clones!!!

Ok, so a friend of mine and I went to see the Attack of the Clones in IMAX the other day. yes, it was amazing seeing it on the big screen, Ewan all big and sexy. We started to notice something that was wrong though;  scenes were missing from the movie! All in all, we counted 15 scenes that were taken out of it.  So, we were wondering, what in the world was up with that?? Didn't they make the transfer to larger film or what? The rest of the movie looked fine to me!   Oh well, at least there is the DVD to watch! Which I was happy to see is available in both Widescreen and Full screen. Plus in case you are interested and don't know it yet, the DVD of TPM is also available in DVD now.

East of Harlem cancelled!!!

From what we understand, there is a movie coming out called 'East of Harlem", but it is NOT the Ewan and Kate Winslet movie. We have found out that their movie has been scrapped.  We don't know why, just that it's no longer going to be made. Both stars are working on new projects, and once we have more details on which movies Ewan is doing, we will let you know!!

New Movie for Ewan

We have recently learned that Ewan is going to be shooting a new film entitled "East of Harlem". The movie co-stars Kate Winslet (Titanic) and is set in depression era ('30's). Ewan and Kate play a couple, who travel from Dublin to New York to find a better life. Both Ewan and Kate have agreed to work for scale on this film, as most of the film's budget is being used to film it. Both said they were happy to work for scale, as they both were excited to be working on the film.  It begins shooting in the summer, in both Dublin and New Yo

Calling all Fan Fiction writers!! We are requesting more stories!! Ok, people who said they had some for us!! Where are they? We want to read them!! Also, if there are any artists out there, please send along your pictures and drawings we would like to start a fan art page as well.



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