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Recent additions to the attic:
  • 02/07/99 - XENA Val's Day graphic
  • 02/06/99 - NY, SF, & VF CON links
  • 02/05/99 - JOXER SONG midi & ra files
  • 02/04/99 - NY CON photos
  • 01/16/99 - XENA photo
  • 01/15/99 - Joxer Music VIDEO clip
  • This site is a fan run operation, and does not intend to infringe on the rights of any of the companies (MCA/Universal, Sci-Fi Channel, et. al) who distrubute the shows these pictures come from.

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    Please don't forget to respect the sources of these images, sound & video clips ESPECIALY the graphics made to be used for only these webpages or those with the expressed permission of the creator VIP. Thank you!

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