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" , we have kids, Homer."

"Yeah, nosey kids."

Last Updated on May 30th, 2000

May 30th, 2000: New Text on pilot page.
April 27th, 2000: Twelfth season updated.
April 20th, 2000: Eleventh season majorly revised (Sorry for the wait) and Twelfth season started.
November 7th, 1999: New pilot page.
October 26th 1999: Eleventh Season descriptions revised. October 3rd 1999: Two new capsules to Ninth Season, One new capsule to Tenth Season, and alot of updated work in the Eleventh Season.
September 11th 1999: Updated Eleventh Season Listings ; Added new capsules to Tenth Season.
August 25 1999: More sounds added: Lionel Hutz now has sounds. Updated Eleventh Season listings
July 22 1999: More new sounds are up!

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