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Ten2ndTurbo is now home to our new R/C Section. The Radio Controlled Car hobby is a very fun hobby that anyone with a little money can join in on. The cars, which are not your average radio shack toys, go scale speeds of 300mph.(around 30mph nonscale)  Check them out! Pictures coming soon! (I hope)


James' has new ideas in store for his Taurus. Check it out.
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As Doug, James, and I discussed what we should do next we decided to get ourselves a project car. We were thinking a late 80's early 90's Civic. Then we remembered that James' uncle had a late 80's Mazda 323 sitting in his driveway, rotting. James hasn't had a chance to talk to his uncle about a price. We're hoping fifty to two hundred dollars. Heres two pictures of the car.
James' Uncle's Mazda 323