GameFaqs Odd Modded Messages

This site will be dedicated to messages that I find odd or just too dumb. Yeah I know the interface is not flashy. I know I could do some frame and stuff but I do not want it this way for a reason. Because it does not need to be that way and it would take alot of space and speed. Plus I will have more time to add some messages that way.

For the time being you can access them through the pages below, but if I find that someone has interest in this I will maybe class them in sections.

Modded Messages

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  • Page 2

  • Gamefaqs Coding Errors

  • Errors 1

  • Gamefaqs Banned Users Messages

  • BannedUsers 1
  • Gamefaqs Users who think they can own a board

  • OwnABoardModeration 1
  • Gamefaqs Moderated Newbies

  • Newbies 1
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