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Tolkien Script Publishing (TSP) has opened a new forum where interested parties can gather and discuss Tolkien's invented scripts. Everyone must respect the rights of everyone else. Do not post questions asking questions about the spoken languages. If you have a Quenya or Sindarin phrase and would like help having it transcribed into Tengwar or another script you can post that. While members will help you, it is always a good sign if you have at least made an attempt to transcribe it yourself. Feel free to upload script related files into the files section and add script related links to the links section. Let's use this group to it's fullest!

Another intended use for this forum is for public feedback about the TSP site and documents. We hope that everyone will post their thoughts on the new site as well as any suggestions for improvements to the site or documents. By placing feedback in a public forum, we hope to acquire the feedback and then commentary on that feedback from others, giving us a greater idea of what needs work. Do not place your submissions in the forum! Send them to the group address! Any submissions posted to the forum will be deleted and not considered.


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2001-2004 by Chris McKay and Tolkien Script Publishing. Submitted documents are copyright of their authors.