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The Tolkien Script Publishing (TSP) group encourages submissions from visitors. All submissions must be related to Tolkien's scripts in some way, and be sent to us in Word or RTF formats. PDF format is discouraged because we have our own PDF generator that we feel does an amazing job of creating the PDF files. All accepted submissions will be converted into PDF format before being posted. 

There is no particular subject that we are looking for. Any document is welcome. That said, we would look more favorably on documents dealing with scripts that as yet are not represented on this site. For example, the Sarati or Cirth. Though TSP plans are in place to create documents about these scripts after all Tengwar related projects are completed (a long way down the road though).

All submissions must be related to Tolkien's scripts in some way. Articles dealing solely with Tolkien's invented spoken languages, such as Quenya, will not be accepted. In the future we may expand to include information about the spoken languages, but before then we will need to bring on an expert in the various languages in order to give us an informed review of the documents.

There are cases where potential submitters may require access to samples in order to successfully complete work on their document. The TSP maintains a complete collection of all known samples of Tolkien's scripts. For Tengwar documents the publication Index of Significant Samples in the Publications section should be consulted first. It contains nearly all known samples of Tengwar writing. Some special cases (such as calligraphy) may require access to the original documents. Should you feel that you need to see the originals, you may contact us with a proposal explaining what you need and for what purpose. 

Since no index such as the Index of Significant Samples exists for the Sarati, Cirth, etc. we will be more likely to provide copies of samples of these scripts to those trying to make documents dealing with these scripts. 

We are actively seeking people to help type in four large remaining samples of Tengwar. These samples are very large and as a consequence, very long and tedious to type. If you would be willing to help us by typing in part or all of one of these samples please let us know. We will supply samples to people we feel will carry out this task. The same offer exists for people willing to type in samples of the other scripts.

Send any completed documents or proposals to the TSP review board for consideration. The E-mail address for submissions is: clmc3129@interlinklc.net. Please allow 1-2 weeks for review of your document or proposal. We reserve the right to edit any document accepted for publication (such editing usually only entails adding a title page and document footer that matches the format of the documents on the TSP publications page).

Thank you,

The TSP Review Board

2001-2004 by Chris McKay and Tolkien Script Publishing. Submitted documents are copyright of their authors.