. Malton is damned.
Death walks our streets, our sidewalks, in our homes and shops.
Our families are dead. Or worse.
We want payback, and we do it old school.
With our fists, our boots, leadpipes and axes.
We are firemen, we are medics... we're your next door neighbor.

A month ago we wept over spilt milk...

...now we're carved out of stone.

We are

To taste death's door is to test life's purpose.

~unknown speaker

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NOV.22/05 update - AXES HIGH NEWS

Survivors Revivified: 177+ Z's downed: 645+

. ...AXES HIGH. went live on Sept. 2, 2005
...AXES HIGH. is a clan website dedicated to the URBANDEAD.com zombie massacre game created by Kevan
...AXES HIGH. was last updated on Nov. 23, 2005, 10:17am (GMT+7) by galadorn
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