The Foster Children

 Mbwa Koko
"Mbwa Koko" means "stray dog" in Swahili. Koko was picked up by the dog catcher just before Christmas in 1996. This approximately one year old boy was found running loose. The photo doesn't accurately depict his poor condition. Koko had sarcoptic mange and was infested with four different types of intestinal parasites. Judging from his condition, Koko hadn't had much care for most of his young life.

Koko gained weight and grew a shiny new coat. He now has a new home in Kentucky, and a Mom and Dad of his very own. Koko is a very smart boy and loves to learn new things. His new family loves him very much. He has bonded very strongly to his new Mom.

 Little Ben

'Little Ben' spent almost a year in a so-called 'no-kill shelter'. He was just a puppy when he arrived there. After some adverse publicity and threats by the humane society to shut her down, the owner of the shelter contacted a local rescue group who, in turn, contacted me. When I first saw Ben, he was living in a large crate, in a dark, windowless, building. After I saw the 'shelter' and the conditions there, I was determined to get Ben out of there as soon as possible. His physical condition was not good, and, worse, his eyes held no hope.

Ben had a deep bacterial skin infection as well as sarcoptic mange. He was infested with fleas and two types of instestinal parasites, causing him to be anemic enough to have a heart murmur.

 Thanks to the help and support of a wonderful group of people who are subscribers to the Basenji-L e-mail list, and the caring staff at a local boarding kennel who offered him a temporary haven, Ben is safe and sound, now. Ben spent 2 months in foster care, while his wounds, both mental and physical, healed. Ben learned to hope again.

The 'shelter' has since been closed down by a court order. 84 dogs still living there were seized by the sheriff's department. 69 were destroyed because of illness. The remaining dogs were taken to local shelters to be cared for and await possible adoption.

A BIG Thanks to each and every one of you who cared about Ben
Ben now has a new home and family in Wisconsin. He spends his days sunning in front of the window with his new Basenji sister, Trixie. He is loved.

If you are interested in adopting a Basenji in need, or can help by providing transportation or a foster home for  rescue dogs....
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