I started painting rocks in 1999 with the help of Lin Wellford's great instructional books.  Without Lin's books, I would never have attempted to paint and would still be lost without them.  For details about Lin's web site and her books, and one of the Rock Painting Clubs on Yahoo, see my Frequently Asked Questions page.  While I do not sell my rocks, you can view the sites of rock painters that do sell their art by visiting the "Other Rock Painters plus more" page.

Now, here are some of my rocks:
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The Day I Met BILLY RAY CYRUS - July 28th, 2002
Billy Ray Cyrus - Facts
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Hi - Welcome and come on in.
I hope you stay a while & have a "rocking" good time.  Grab a  coffee, tea, hot chocolate, whatever. 
I'm a big Billy Ray Cyrus fan - you can also read about the day I met him!
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