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Ever since his first appearance in the 2099 Universe back in SPIDER-MAN 2099 #12, the man known only as the Net Prophet was a point of major controversy as well as popularity. Fans wanted to know who he really was, what his connection to Marvel was, what his connection to the villain known as Thanatos was, and where he would go after all these mysteries were solved.

Unfortunately, writer Peter David only got so far as to tell that the so called "Prophet of Thor" was in actuality John Tensen from the New Universe. To longtime readers of Peter David's work this was a blessing; to others, such as myself, who had minimal knowledge at best of the New Universe of yesteryear, it was a curse.

Since the 2099 Universe collapsed into the sludge now known as the World of Tomorrow shortly after Mr. David left SPIDER-MAN 2099, the fate of the Prophet and his then-companion, Xina Kwan, were left dangling in sub-plot hell, never to be touched again. Then an astonishing thing happened: the 2099 Underground movement began.

Seeing a golden opportunity, I rushed out to collect as many New Universe books as I could. From my initial collection of thirteen issues of SPITFIRE AND THE TROUBLESHOOTERS, a couple of issues of STAR BRAND, D.P.7 and THE PITT special edition, I have since amassed every New U. book ever released. Beside that collection also stands my complete collection of QUASAR and the much-maligned STARBLAST cross-over of 1993. Putting all these together, and formulating some very special ideas of my own, I began to plot the story which eventually would become that which this entire website revolves around: TENSEN 2099 UNDERGROUND, THE LIMITED SERIES.

But I digress.

I owe an awful lot to Peter David, to Mark Gruenwald (God rest his soul), and to everyone else who contributed even minutely to the New Universe legend. I only hope in the pages following I can live up to their standards of excellence and tell the best damned story I know how.

Now, without further ado, shall we begin with the introductions of our main cast ... then a little summary of what has come before ... and then, awaaaaaay we go!

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