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(Last updated: February 1, 2002)
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The Net Prophet

His name is Tensen. John Tensen. On Marvel's New Universe Earth in the 1980s he was one of the Justice Department's best narcotics officers. Then, in late 1986 he was affected by a mysterious White Event which bestowed upon him paranormal abilities.  These psionic abilities manifested themselves as vicious swords of energy from his right hand, and protective shields from his left. 

After escaping a deadly fantasy-world created by an evil paranormal who could bend reality to his will, Tensen fought the good fight as the man called Justice, both as a vigilante and, later, as a special operative for the United States National Security Council. The fight continued for many years, until... 

Until what? Suddenly, in the year 2099, Tensen arrived via a Virtual Unreality Gate onto the Marvel Universe Earth, surrounded by such heroes as the Spider-Man and Fantastic Four of that bold new era. He found himself with strangely different powers than before, and could scarcely remember his name or much about his past until recently. 

So what happened to John Tensen between 1989 and 2099? The TENSEN 2099 limited series will strive to give you all the answers you need! 

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