'Tibet Rugs' store which is located in the heart of down town San Mateo is a sister store of 'Tiger Rugs Show Room' in Kathmandu,Nepal. It was opened on the 4th of August 2001. Mrs.Tsering Paldon and her son Tenzing Namdak are representatives of the family business in San Mateo. Their store,'Tibet Rugs', has a display of many rugs and carpets from kathmandu, woven by Tibetans as well as pieces woven in the store by Mrs.Tsering Paldon .Carpets and rugs are woven individually for clients so that design, size, patterns, colors, and symbolism harmonize with their individual interiors.

Mr .Tenzing Namdak, the owner of the store is one of the thousand tibetans who immigrated to the United States under the Tibetan resettlement project about a decade ago.The success of establishing "Tibet Rugs' store is a great accomplishment and a dream come true for him.
Tenzing and his family continue to work hard to promote their business by participating in trade shows, and rug exhibitions where Mrs. Tsering Paldon, a master Tibetan rug and carpet weaver, demonstrates the centuries- old techniques of hand- knotting traditional and contemporary carpets. Their recent appearances were at the Embassy suites in South San Francisco and at the Asian arts museum in San Francisco.

Mrs.Tsering paldon learned her art- as many refugees from Tibet have- in their new homes in Dharamsala, India. She also became a teacher of the craft in Nepal. Tibetan rugs and carpets have become a major export to the world since the arrival of Tibetan refugees. The wool she uses comes from Tibet, is washed, sorted, carded, and sent off for spinning. The dyeing is done in many colors using either vegetable dyes or modern chemicals. While the carpets come in a variety of lush designs and color combinations, they are very practical and will last many a lifetime.The Designs Mrs. Tsering Paldon uses are a variety of geometric, floral and mythological symbols which convey beauty as well as awareness of deeply spiritual occurrences.

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