Congratulations to all comrades!!!!!!!!!!   IDA Pay fixation and arrears payment long awaited order released on 18-3-2004 with the best and efficient efforts of SNEA(I)!!!!!!!!!!


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This website will be the permanent in the future .

The all India provisional eleigibilty list of JTOs ( 10791 JTOs) for the promotion of JTOs to TES "Grp" B has been released on 12-3-2004.

The Extract of the eligibility list of JTOs of Karnataka is given below. All the Dist/Divl Secretaries are requested to communicate all the JTOs to verify the list and any discrepancy in the list, may please be represented to "The Under secretary " to the Govt, 421, Sanchar Bhavan, 20, Ashoka Road, New Delhi - 110001, through proper channel, with a copy to Circle Secretary, SNEA(I) KTK for necessary  action. Last date is 30-4-2004 to send the representations.

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Congratulations to all Executives of BSNL

An office order has been issued for pay fixation and payment of arrears vide order No : 1-5/2004 – PAT( BSNL) dated 18-3-2004 for introduction of IDA Pay scales with effect from 1-10-2000 in replacement of CDA Pay scales for executives( Grp B) in BSNL. 

This order is the major gift for Ugadi festival.

On behalf of Karnataka Circle we extend Our sincere thanks to the GS SNEA(I) and CHQ for this great achievement. The pay fixation order issued on the basis of negotiated settlement of ENC. Our expectation has become a reality due the fullest co-operation and patience, Unity and Strength of all SNEA(I) members.

IDA PAY SCALE NOTIFICATION ISSUED as already announced by us. Most concerns taken care of.  Congratulations to the 33000 fighting comrades of SNEA(I) who made this possible!! YOUR SPIRITED  performance works wonders despite negative campaigns and misinformations. Keep on fighting. Those on the sidelines kindly recognise the organisation that stands for you and fights for you. Pl. note…Notification not linked to payment of 3000/- to ITS. As stated by us it was linked to the 6-day working pattern and as demanded by us vide letter dated 05-03-2004 it has been delinked from the 6-day working pattern for which separate notification will be issued.

 Order No.1-5/2004-PAT(BSNL) dated 18-03-2004 click the below given links for Page 1  Page2. Page3. Page4. Page5. Page6 . ( CHQ NEWS)

The Circle Secretary and CWC members from Karnataka returned to their Head Quarters after CWC Meet at ludhiana on 17-3-2004 . The comrades of Karnataka participated in CWC very much enthusiastically and taken part in deliberations effectively in taking decisions on vital issues.

Notification for implementation of IDA pay scales will be issued on 19th March 2004 i.e. Friday. Introduction of Six Day week working in BSNL is included in the Notification. However orders for actual date of implementation of six week day would be issued separately. Delay in implementatation of IDA pay scale notification occurred because of incorporating six day week in the notification itself. However on a specific request from our association the management has agreed to issue the orders for date of effect of introduction of six day week separately. ( CHQ NEWS )

The CWC at Ludhiana after intense and elaborate deliberations unanimously decides that time-bound promotions from JTO to SG JAG, within the framework of the promotional policy won by the Association after hard fought agitation and sustained pressure , would provide the most visionary and pragmatic foothold for establishing and maintaining the most attractive career prospects and progression of the Executive Community in the changed scenario. Accordingly a unanimous resolution was passed to that effect . It was also decided to pursue ongoing post-bound promotions till such time the time-bound promotion policy is put on the rails.

CWC discusses and formulates strategies on time-bound promotions, service weightage and one-time upgradation.

Full list of All-India Eligibility lists available with Circle Secretaries. Members may keep in touch with them. Efforts are on to make the list available on the website at the earliest opportunity.

Punjab Agricultural University with all its scenic beauty provide the venue for the I st CWC meeting of SNEA (I) .CHQ President Com.W.Seshagiri Rao, hoists the flag at 10 am on 13-03-2004 to mark the beginning of a very active intensive and purposeful deliberations of vital and crucial issues covering the Executives in BSNL. ( CHQ News)

All India eligibility of JTOs published on 12th March 2004, covering 10791 JTOs in which OC category appointed against the vacancies for the recruitment year up to and including 1994, SC category up  to and including  the recruitment year 1996 and ST category who have completed 3 years regular service as on 01-07-2002.Objections /errors/omissions may be submitted through the Circles so as to reach the DOT urgently, latest by 30-04-2004. Members may submit such cases through the Circle Secretaries for appropriate action by the CHQ. The sustained pressure and pursuance by this Association paves the way for holding DPCs for large scale promotion of JTOs to SDEs in the seniority quota. Order No.2-7/ 2003-STG-II dated 12-03-2004.( CHQ News)

 DDG (E) after returning from leave is actively involved in finalisation  of Notification of IDA pay scales on pursuance by this Association - Release expected in a couple of days.( CHQ News)


Provisional All India eligibility list for regular promotion from JTO to SDE is expected to be released today ( 12-3-2004), upto the Year of Recruitment 1994. ( GS Information)

The pay fixation and arrears notification is expected to be released on Monday (15th March 2004). ( GS Information)

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As the CS will be out of station to attend the CWC at ludhiana, wef 9-3-2004 to 17-3-2004, Sri Lokesh, Circle Organising Secretary, SNEA(I)( Central Area) No 99 3rd Cross, Telecom Colony, Near New Timber Yard Layout, Mysore Road Cross, Bangalore- 560 026 ( Phone : 080 – 22203222(o)  080-26740444(R) has been nominated as acting Circle Secretary for the above said period ( 10-3-2004)

Our General Secretary Com G L Jogi has discussed with Director HRD BSNL on 5-3-2004  and conveyed effectively that the issue of pay fixation notification should not be linked with “ 6 days a week working” or “payment of Adhoc amount ” to Grp “A” officers. The Director HRD has expressed very positively after the discussion and assured that, the pay fixation and  arrears payment notification will be issued at the earliest.

The other Orgainsation ,which was keeping all along silent on the demands of higher pay scales and proper service conditions and also on the issue of pay fixation notification, the same Oraganisation has now suddenly become very much alert, when it has come to know the notification is going to be issued shortly without its proper involvement and efforts in this process.

We are reaching this final stage as per Our expectation, due to the relentless efforts of Our Organisation since the starting of the absorption process. This has become possible only with the total support and unity of Our members. ( 5-3-2004)

The first Circle Executive committee meeting of SNEA(I) KTK Circle is scheduled to be held on 3rd and 4th April 2004 ( Sat and Sun) at JTOA Bhavan, B-1020, 1st cross, Sahakara Nagar, B’lore -92. ( Phone : 23334000).


Com G L Jogi GS and Com W Sheshagiri Rao all India President, Com T Isaac Joint Secretary South, will address the CEC Members on 4th April 2004.


All   the CEC members are requested to make it convenient to attend the CEC Meeting. ( 5-3-2004)

The CWC members  of Karnataka,  Com Vihal Rao (CS), Com P Gangadhar Rao (CP), Com M H Gombi (ACS) ,  Com S B Nagavi( CWC Member), Com C S Puranik( CWC Member), Com Radha Krishna ( CWC Member)  are attending the CWC meeting at Ludhiana on 13th and 14th March 2004 along with all India President Com W Sheshagiri Rao.

The issue of Presidential orders to the  SDEs and above officers in Karnataka  is under progress in the respective SSAs and will be completed shortly. The Presidential orders to the left out Officers( 1362 on all India basis)  will be issued soon.  

Com GL Jogi, Our General Secretary and Joint Secretary Com T Isaac are arriving on 29-2-2003 to Bangalore, for attending the meeting of  “Central Government Public Sector Undertakings”. Warm welcome to our General Secretary and all other General Secretaries.


At the same time Circle Organisation has arranged a get-together with our General Secretary and Joint Secretary South at Bangalore on 29-2-2004. ( 25-2-2004)

All the District/Divl Secretaries are requested to clear membership quota before 5-3-2004 – up to Jan 2004, as the quota  has to be remitted to CHQ, at the time of CWC on 13th & 14th March 2004, at Ludhiana. Hence the sending of the quota may please be treated as most urgent.

Quota may please be sent to the following address, by DD, before 5-3-2004 as already the same was mentioned in the last circle circular dated 8-1-2004.  ( 25-2-2004)

Treasurer address:

Com Govinda B Gudi, JTO

Circle Treasurer SNEA(I)

No: 370, 7th cross, 2nd main

Srinivas Nagar, 1st Phase

At: Bangalore – 560050

Ph: 25575450(o), 26696851(R)

All Dist/Divl Secretaries are requested to  communicate the Circle Secretary within 3days with regard to the information about:


1)      The number of paid up membership in the District, Division, Cadre wise, for the purpose of record and also for issue of TESA FLASH magazines after the formation of SNEA(I) .

2)      The common issues to be taken up , may please be intimated to CS KTK before 5th March 2004 to place before CWC, which is scheduled to be held on 13th and 14th March 2004 at Ludhiana.

All the Dist/Divl Secretaries are here by communicated that the presidential orders of the SDEs and above officers are under issue wef 25-2-2004 and efforts are to be made to send representatives to the Circle Office to collect the POs SSA wise at the earliest, for the further distribution.

The Details of information of 196 JTOs who are successful in 25% competitive quota which was sent by Circle Office on 17-2-2004 to DOT for considering further promotion and postings, Comrades have to recollect the Our Organisation was continuously pursuing for the same. Our Circle is the 6th Circle to send above details to DOT. The action of Circle office is appreciable:


(a)          Click here for the details as per “ Order of Merit”

(b)         Click here for the details as per the Unit/ SSA wise.

The pay fixation and payment of arrears notification will be issued in this week as Our GS had a meeting with CMD BSNL on 25-2-2004 After-Noon. (CHQ NEWS)

The Circle Secretary SNEA(I) met  Shri K Padmanabhan CGMT KTK on 20-2-2004 and discussed about Cadre issues, creation of JTOs/SDEs Posts, early issue of Pre-Paid card, necessity of paper advertisement to stop corruption practices while selling the Pre-Paid SIM Cards, also issue of WLL Telephones to SDEs/JTOs working in Cadres/Out Door/Installation etc on priority.

More than 175 Executives participated in the "Lunch Hour Demonstration in front of CGM Telecom Karnataka Circle Office, Bangalore.

Comrades of Telecom Circle of BGTD, STR,STP,QA,T&D and Circle office attended the demonstration. Com Sheshagiri Rao, all India President SNEA(I), addressed the gathering about charter of common demands.

The Reports about lunch Hour Demonstration all over Karnataka circle are yet to be received.

CMD has to leave for Patna on an urgent business, GS Com.G.L.Jogi and Vice President Com.Inderjit Singh held discussion with Director (HRD). Dir (HRD) was very much appreciative of the problems, particularly creation of STS posts, raised by us in our letter dated 16-02-2004. He promised definite and positive actions immediately. As a follow up after holding discussion with Dir (Fin), the Dir (HRD) instructed DDG (E) to resubmit all the STS post creation files to Finance immediately. We expect early solution.  ( CHQ News)

IDA payscale payment orders being cleared  and orders expected in a couple of days. ( CHQ News)

CWC at LUDHIANA on 13th & 14th March 2004 - Notice issued ( CHQ News)


All the Dist/Divl Secretaries/Circle Office Bearers/CWC /CEC/ Members are here by requested to convey all the members of KTK Circle/ QA/ T&D/STR/STP to participate in the lunch hour Demonstration at all the GM Head Quarters of respective SSAs and all the Bangalore Comrades to gather in front  of CGMT Karnataka Circle Office, on 24-2-2004(Tuesday) between 1PM to 2PM.


All the members should gather in large number and make the Demonstration a grand success in support of common cause

( Please click here for the letter submitted to CGMT of KTK, QA, T&D, STP and STR Page1  Page2 ) ( 20-2-2004)

The Circle Secretary has made a strong appeal to GS SNEA(I)for retention of successful JTOs in competitive examination in KTK Circle and also forwarded the representations received from many JTOs.

( Please click here for the letter written to GS SNEA(I)  Page1 Page 2) ( 20-2-2004)

Consequent on the letter for Trade Union Actions issued by the Association (letter addressed to CMD on 16-02-2004) on (1) delay in sanctioning of STS posts and (2) suggesting a freeze on all promotions , CMD invites our GS for negotiation on Friday 20th Feb,2004. ( CHQ News)


Participation in the strike on 24th Feb,2004:

1. Right to strike – Ratify ILO convention 89,98,151 and 154 and grant all TU rights including Right to strike by an act of Parliament.

2.  No Disinvestment/Privatization of BSNL.

3.  Ensure Financial Viability of BSNL.

    4.  Continue payment of pension on IDA scale from Consolidated Fund.

 Our members throughout the whole Country shall fully participate in Lunch/Closing hour demonstrations at CGM/GM Hqs on 24th Feb 2004 and thus contribute towards  strengthening of the issues and their eventual success- GS addresses CMD BSNL. ( CHQ News)

Inordinate delay in implementation of IDA pay scale - Presidential orders in respect of about 40,000 JTOs/SDEs/DEs were issued even before the envisaged time schedule-  due to very prompt and highly professional approach of DDG(E)/BSNL, draft notification in respect of implementation of IDA pay scales, fixation formulae and other related  issues was finalized in a few days and sent to BSNL/(F) for their concurrence. Nearly one month’s time has elapsed since the draft notification has been sent to BSNL/(F)  and the final orders are yet to be issued just because the entire issue is being held up by BSNL/(F). - BSNL/(F) should act in a positive manner  and must create conditions of such a nature that people working in the field units are not demoralized and demotivated. They should act in a professional, positive and impartial manner regardless of the issues and the cadres concerned. GS addresses CMD BSNL. ( CHQ News)

Notice for Trade Union Actions - highly irrational and unwarranted stand of BSNL/ Finance (Hqs) on creation of STS posts - In case moratorium on creation of posts is introduced without resolving the issue of time bound promotion, then this communication of ours be treated as necessary notice for Trade Union actions. Click here .( CHQ News)

Copy of the letter to Hon'ble Chief Justice Delhi High Court. Conditions of industrial unrest are being created due to total lack of initiative to resolve legitimate issues amicably, even though we have been relentlessly persuading BSNL management to sort out these vital issues for the last about a year. Click here.( CHQ News)


Copy of the letter to all the  CHQ office bearers/Circle Secy’s/CWC members. They should remain in a state of complete organizational preparedness to face any situation at a very short notice so as to defeat negative and highly ill conceived policies of BSNL/(F). Click here.( CHQ News)



GS  Com.G.L.Jogi and GS MTNL EA Com.V.K.Tomar held discussions with DDG (Estt), DOT on the need to expedite the finalisation of Eligibility list of JTOs for conduct of DPC for promotion. ( CHQ News)

The vigilance clearance report and related required information has been sent on 17-2-2004, to  BSNL Head Quarters from KTK Circle Office, with regard  to JTOs who were successful (196) in the recent competitive examination for promotion to TES Grp “B”.( 17-2-2004)

The second list of Presidential orders will be issued (approx 1362 Officers all over India) within the last week of Feb 2004, by DOT. After the release of that list only, the left-out cases of  SDEs, DEs  etc, may be required to be reviewed . ( 16-2-2004)

The SNEA(I) Karnataka Circle bringing continuous pressure on the Circle Administration on the following delayed issues for immediate action:


1)  Creation of SDEs Posts as on 31-3-2003.

2)  Sending CRs and Assessment report to Head Quarters for regular promotion of JTOs to SDEs.

3)  Dispatching the vigilance clearance report and the other required information to BSNL for Promotion and posting of successful candidates (JTOs) in the recent competitive exam, for promotion to TES Grp “B” .

The first list of Presidential orders of SDEs and above officers will be issued to the representatives of the respective SSAs, in the last weel of February 2004. ( 16-02-2004)

Grant of double benefit for fixation of pay under FR(1) (a) (i) for JTOs/ SDEs on their promotion as SDEs /JTSs. Audit objection stand over ruled as per DOP&T  directions. Order (order No.1-19/2003-PAT (BSNL)  dated 6-2-2004>>>)has been issued  by BSNL in response to the case taken up by our Association vide letter No. SNEA(I)/ Director (HRD)/15/11-03 dated 18-11-2003 (see TESA FLASH Nov 2003 issue page No.17) and further follow up. ( CHQ News)

DOT has cleared the approval for issuing the notification on pay fixation (IDA Scales) and drawal of arrears. The file at present with Director(Finance) BSNL. Association is taking appropriate steps to see that it is released immediately. In the meanwhile we have taken up the issue of option to continue in CDA payscales till the date of promotion/retirement to be incorporated in the notification itself. ( CHQ News)

DOT has prepared the All India Eligibility list of JTOS up to 1992. The Association strongly protested against the piecemeal arrangement and insisted that the entire list including 1994 should be published. Dot agreed to our proposals and has already started the work for finalising the eligibility list for 1993 & 94. ( CHQ News )

All the District Secretaries are requested to confirm to the Circle Secretary about the number of officers joined as officiating SDEs to the concerned SSAs as per the posting Orders issued recently for 252 JTOs.

The Circle Office bearers met DGM (S) ,DGM(E) , Vig Officer, recently and discussed about immediate dispatch of Vigilance clearance report of successful candidates in recent competitive examination, dispatch of Assessment report and CRs as per Circle eligibility list for regular promotion of JTOs, early action for creation of SDE posts, opening of service  books of JTOs working in mobile service , early action to settle the vigilance and disciplinary cases of all executives and considering the request  of JTOs for change of place in recent officiating order from JTO to TES Grp”B” etc. The Positive attitude has been expressed by concerned Officers on the above matters. ( 06-02-2004)

Savingram campaign for STS post creation , a great success. CMD BSNL assures GS that he will positively look into the issue and reaches a favourable decision shortly after discussing the matter with the concerned officers. (CHQ NEWS)

Finance cleared file for fixation of Grp 'B' officers in IDA payscale and drawal of arrears. Orders expected very shortly.(CHQ NEWS)

Move by BSNL Finance to reverse the promotion offered to non JTS - Engg (Adhoc DEs) to JAG likely to be set aside by BSNL Management on consistent pressure by this Association. (CHQ NEWS)

The CWC of the Association will be held on 13th & 14th  March 2004 at Punjab Agricultural University Ludhiana. Accommodation will be available from 12th afternoon to 15th morning. (CHQ NEWS)


The Presidential Orders for finance and accounts - electrical, civil, architecture wings will be issued shortly, from the  concernd sections of DOT, separately.


The DOT Issued Presidential orders of  SDEs and above officers with respect to Karnataka Circle Engineering (Total-1368), QA Bangalore (220) , STR (776) were issued at the end of the last week of  January 2004.


In Karnataka Circle:

Total number of JTOs eligible to get Presidential Orders 2047.

No of JTOs presidential orders issued 2017.

Total Number of Officers (SDEs and above) eligible to get presidential orders is 1414.

The total no of presidential orders issued to 1368 Officers.

The left out 30 cases of JTOs  will be taken up with circle office for clarification

The left-out 46 Officers’ cases will be referred to SNEA(I) CHQ for further clarification and for necessary action.

The Dist/Divl Secretaries are requested to bring it to the notice of Circle Secretary Com Vithal Rao, CS SNEA(I) Karnataka Circle, SDE, Fort Telephone Exchange, IMA Building, AV Road, Bangalore – 560018(Ph: 6700100(O),6626789(R), 9448076633(M) with regard to missing names of JTOs and SDEs and above officers in the respective presidential order list.

The Presidential order list is available with CS SNEA(I).

All the Dist/Divnl/Branch Secretaries of Karnataka Circle are here by requested to send Saving Gram on 30th Jan 2004 for creation of STS Posts , as per CHQ instructions For the Text of the Savingram Click here>>>

The Presidential Orders of SDEs  and above Grp "B" officers are issued on 29-1-2004 for 1368 officers. The list of officers will be available in Karnataka within 2-3 days. ( 29-1-2004)

Sri K Padmanabhan CGMT Karnataka has been promoted and posted as Advisor( Technology) DOT, New-Delhi on 29-1-2004. ( 29-1-2004)

Transfer orders for STS officers of ITS Grp'A'  - Order No.412--3/2003-Per-I dated 27/01/2004

Draft notification for payment of IDA payscales and arrears has been finalised by BSNL and sent to DOT for approval

All India eligibility list  of JTOs for promotion to SDEs will be published on 3rd/4th Feb 2004.

The JTOs to TES Grp B officiating promotion order for 252 JTOs has been issued vide ordre No:  STAFF/3-2/offtg/2004  , Dated 27 – 1- 2004.

 The SNEA(I) Circle organization extends sincere thanks to the Circle Administration. ( 27 - 1-2004)


( Please Click here for order copy)

The JTO to SDE officiating promotion order which was to be released in 4th week of Jan 2004, is delayed due to busy schedule of CGMT Karnataka as he was having SSA head meetings and tour to Chennai et. Hence officiating promotion orders are expected only in last week of Jan 2004.


It is understood by CHQ that the process of issue of presidential orders would be completed by 15th Feb 2004 for all the cadres of Grp “B” officers and the pay fixation process may be completed by end of Feb 2004.

Every executive must be communicated by Dist/Dvnl Secretaries that all these positive actions speeded up only by Our Organisation at the Central level due to continuous pressure on BSNL and DOT Managements.

As the presidential orders for SDEs and above officers of Karnataka circle are expected to be released on 27th or 28th of Jan 04 by DOT. Hence all Dist/Dvnl secretaries are requested to be very active to see that an officer is deputed to Circle office at the earliest to collect the presidential orders and those are distributed further is SSA.

The doubts on the issue of appointment orders to leftout JTOs has been cleared. Hence all the appointment orders of left out JTOs would be issued shortly. In respect of SC/ST candidates, it is required to produce caste certificate before the issue of appointment orders.





The Unified conference of SNEA(I) of Kolar telecom district held at Kolar on 23-1-2004. Com G L Jogi ( GS ), Com P Gangadhar Rao (Circle President), Com Vithal Rao( Circle Secretary) and Govinda Gudi ( Circle Treasurer), Sri Krishna Reddy (All India Circle Org Secretary NFTE ), addressed the conference. Sri P S N Murthy ( DGM Admin) was the Chief guest for the “ Open Session” more than 90 members attended the well organized “Open Session”.

The following Office Bearers got elected:

President         - Com Shivadasan, SDE         

Dist Secretary – Com Younus Baig, JTO

Dist Treasurer – Smt M G Nirmala , JTO

This District is having all the Officers of engineering wing ,Electrical, Civil and Finance and Accounts as its members.



The historic open address at Bangalore was organized on behalf on SNEA(I) BGTD and was attended by more than 500 members with great enthusiasm on 21-1-2004, Com W   Sheshagiri Rao and Com G L Jogi (GS) totally exhausted in their  the all present and pending issues related to the executives. The extra ordinary spirit and energy displayed by the members has shown the symbol, of advancement of SNEA(I), which gives always respect to its members’ welfare oriented programmes and policies.

Com Vithal Rao CS, addressed the house on circle issues, Com  R B Joshi( Dist Secy) and Dist Executive of BGTD are to be appreciated for their best efforts in Ogranising the marvelous general meeting for the 1st time.

Bangalore QA:

Com G L Jogi addressed the General Members at the conference hall of CGM QA. More than 50 members attended the SNEA(I) open session, Sri Sundara Raj CGM QA addressed the Officers. In a reply to the Circle Secretary Vithal Rao’s appeal he clarified  that those SDEs whose long stay transfers were kept under abeyance upto 31-3-2004 were being already referred to the director HRD for necessary action on the matter.


The SNEA(I) Mysore TD arranged an excellent “ Open Address” of  Com G L Jogi (GS) and Com W Sheshagiri Rao( CHQ President) ,on the matters of  Pension, Privatisation, Absorption, time bound promotion, one time upgradation, membership verification etc.

Com V Mukundan (President MYTD) and R Shankar ( Dist Secy) Oraganised the “Open Address” in an excellent manner and  more than 250 members attended .


The 1st unified cobference of Raichur Telecom District was held at Priya Hotel on 20-1-2004> The open session was adderessed by Com G L Jogi( GS) and Com W Sheshagiri Rao ( CHQ President) and Com Vithal Rao (CS KTK ) and K Ramesh ( Chief Guest ,TDM RCR)

The Following members got elected as office bearers:

President:               Com G R Kulkarni,JTO

Dist Secretary:        Com K B Math

Dist Treasurer :      Com Eeranna

18.01.2004 - Morning
The well arranged unified SNEA (I) district conference of TEOA(I) and BSNLEA(I) of BMTD was held at Kannada Sahitya Bhavan at Belgaum between 10 to 2 pm. Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao addressed the open session and covered many important issues like, (i) Issue of presidential order to Group-B Officers, (ii) Regular promotion from JTO to SDE, (iii) Promotion of SDEs to De Adhoc, and (iv) about Posting of recently passed JTOs in competitive examination etc.

He assured that the best efforts will be made to see that the successful JTOs in competitive exam all over India will be retained in respective circles (Karnataka Circle, STR, T&D, QA). Com. P. Gangadhar Rao - Circle President and Com. Vithal Rao - Circle Secretary addressed the house on circle issues. Com. K. Muralidhara - Circle Organizing secretary, Com. M. H. Gombi - ACS, Com. M. M. Deevatagi - ACS, Com. Govinda Gudi-Circle treasurer, represented the conference. The following office SNEA(I) office bearers were elected unoninmously. President:N. M. Jigajinni DE, Dist Secretary: Com. Thatapati JTO, Dist. Treasurer: D. D. Shanwad SDE.

The well arranged unified SNEA (I) district conference of TEOA(I) and BSNLEA(I) of Hubli TD was held at Rangappa Panduranga Mantap Hubli on 18.01.2004. Com. I. G. Sanadi-Member of Parliament from Dharwad south and Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao-All India President, Com. Galgali-DGM(Admn), Hubli TD, Com. P. Gangadhara Rao-Circle President, Com. Vithal Rao-Circle Secretary inaugurated the unified conference of SNEA(I) by lighting the lamp and addressed the house about the burning issues and on improvement of the services. The keynote address was presented by Sri. S. Anthonisamy-Dist. Secretary, SNEA(I). The following members were unanimously elected as the office bearers of SNEA(I). President: Com. Y. R. Bhajantri, District Sec : S. Anthonisamy, Dist. Treasurer : Smt. Rajalakshimi Yavagal, CEC member: Com. Sharad Bhagat.


The unified conference of SNEA(I) was inaugurated by Sri. Venkateswara Rao - GM, Bellary TD. COm. W. Sheshagiri Rao - Chq President, Com. G. L. Jogi - Gen. Secretary, SNEA(I), Com. P. Gangadhara Rao-Circle president and Com. Vithal Rao-Circle secretary of Karnataka and M. H. Gombi - ACS by lighting the lamp. They addressed the house elaborately on various issues. Key note address was presented by Com. Virupakshappa - District Secretary,SNEA(I). The following members were unanimously elected as the office bearers of SNEA(I). President : Narasimhappa, District Secretary: Com. Virupakshappa, District Treasurer: Com. B. Mallikarjun. The Gen Secretary clarified all the doubts raised by the members.

The surrounding district secretaries of Belgaum, Hubli, Bellary, Raichur, Mysore, Bangalore and kolar are requested to make it convenient to attend along with the willing members to the open address of SNEA(I) Gen. Secretary Com. G. L. Jogi and All India President Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao as per the scheduled programme w.e.f 18.01.2004 to 23.01.2004 (As already announced in this website). Welcome to all the executives of Karnataka Circle Electrical, Civil, Architecture, Finance and accounts, STR, QA, T&E and Project wings. Participate enmass and make the programmes a grand success.

The tour programme of Com G L Jogi, General Secretary SNEA(I) and CHQ President Com Sheshagiri Rao  wef  18-1-2004 to 23-1-2004 is scheduled as below:


Sl No

Name of SSA








10:00 Hrs

Kannada Sahitya Bhavan, Chennamaa Circle , Belgaum




16:00 Hrs

Saraswathi Sadan, J C Nagar, Near HPO, Hubli




14:00 Hrs

Pola Paradise Hotel, Hospet Bellary Road, Bellary.




14:00 Hrs

Priya Hotel, Station Road, Raichur




17:00 Hrs

Hotel Siddharth, adjacent to Nazarbad Telephone Exchange, Mysore.


Bangalore QA


12:00 Hrs

Conference Hall, O/o CGM QA Circle, Vishwas Bhavan, No 61, Cockburn Road, Bangalore-21




17:30 Hrs

Auditorium, Sri Jagadguru Renukacharya College of Science, Arts and Commerce, R C Road, Anand Rao Circle,B'lore-09

8 Kolar 23-1-04 10:00 Hrs

Office of the DE Rural, Kataripalya, Kolar

 All the members are requested to fully utilize this rare opportunity. (Updated on  13-1-2004)


The circle Admin has issued an order for transfer and postings in the cadre of TES Grp B/ STS of ITS Grp "A" and local officiating promotions for 54 SDEs to STS of ITS Grp "A" . ( Click the  below links to see the order copy ) . (Updated on  13-1-2004)

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The Presidential orders for about 2050 JTOs(totally) in Karnataka ( Who were JTOs as on 1-10-2000 ) , will be handed over on  14-1-2004 , to the authorized representing officers of the Concerned SSA, to issue those further to the individuals. The presidential orders of non recruiting circles STR, T&D, STP, QA will be issued simultaneously.(Updated on  13-1-2004)

The Provisional All India eligibility list for promotion of JTO to SDE regular promotion will be released at any moment, mostly before 16-1-2003.(Updated on  13-1-2004)

The local Officiating promotion order from JTO to SDE will be issued mostly on 14th or by 16th Jan 2004. (Updated on  13-1-2004)

The “Circular – 2” , along with important documents has been dispatched to all the Circle Office bearers , District/Divl  Secretaries for further communication to the General Members. Best efforts may be made in this regard.(Updated on  13-1-2004)

For the very serious attention of SNEA comrades. It is understood that the letter is being propagated in different parts of the country by some desperate person may be discarded with at most contempt. DOT has send an internal communication to the GS, SNEA(I) in response to his letter for incorporating the amendments to the constitution passed by the AIC at Kaniyakumari. The DOT has merely expressed its inability to approve the amendments in view of the fact that the DOP does not permit  the multicadre Associations in the Government setup. The intention of the letter as is very clear from its wordings is to intimate  the GS that the present government rulings does not permit multicadre membership in any association whether SNEA or any other Association and also to advise the GS, SNEA to take up his case with the PSU for approval by the PSU namely BSNL/ MTNL. The letter addressed to GS, SNEA has not been marked to any one except the CMDs of  BSNL/MTNL for taking appropriate action in the matter. Accordingly BSNL is seized of the matter and is taking positive and concrete steps for approval of the amendments to the Constitution. It may especially be noted that this does not mean any aspersions have been cast by the DOT on either the constitutional amendments or the recognition of this Association and letter has not been marked to any Head of Circles for any action whatsoever in the matter. ( CHQ News )

Rumours being spread in different parts of the country by vested interests that TEOA is derecognised  is an absolute lie. The DOT merely advised the Association to get the Constitution amendments passed in AIC Kanayakumari to be ratified by the PSU namely BSNL. Do not believe any rumours in this regard. Copy of the letter in this regard is claimed to be marked to any GS, other than our Association, is a "forgery" and may be discounted as such. (CHQ News dated  07-01-2004)

The delegation of circle office bearers of SNEA(I) KTK , Com Vithal Rao Circle Secretary, Com P Gangadhar Rao Circle President , M H Gombi (ACS), Govindagudi ( Circle Treasurer) and S R Yakub CWC Member met Shri N D Grover Senior DDG(Per) BSNL on 6-1-2004 at Bangalore on his tour .The delegates congratulated him for having taken charge as Senior DDG(per) ,BSNL  and discussed important issues like:

a)     Pension.

b)     Absorption related issues.

c)     Time bound promotion.

d)    Promotion and Posting , etc


are discussed with senior officer and appraised him of our views on those matters. ( 07-01-2004)

The agenda requesting for a meeting to discuss the issues of Executives in BSNL has been submitted to Shri K Padmanabhan, CGMT KTK on 1-1-2004.

( Agenda Copy Page1   Page2  Page3 )

The JTOs who have passed the recent competitive examination from STR,STP, QA , T&D and KTK Circle may submit their representations for retention in Non-Recruiting Circles/ KTK Circle  through proper channel, to Sr DDG(Per), BSNL, Statesman House, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi - 110001 with a copy to Circle Secretary SNEA(I) KTK Circle. FAX No: 6701234.

Com G L Jogi GS SNEA(I) and Com W Sheshagiri Rao  CHQ President are invited for their extensive tour program in Karnataka Circle wef  18-1-2004  to  23-1-2004. They are going to address the Executives in Belgaum, Hubli, Bellary, Raichur, Mysore, Bangalore and Kolar. The detailed program list will be announced shortly. ( Updated on 30-12-2003)

Circles are asked to furnish the details of the successful candidates in the 25% Competitive Exam held in Dec 2002 to DOT immediately. Order vNo.2-48/2000-STG-II dated 26-12-2003. Click here for the letter ( CHQ News) ( Updated on 30-12-2003)

GS addresses Director (HRD), BSNL Board on various issues like

(1) Making arrangements for holding of D.P.C from JTO to SDE

(2) Initiating the process of holding  D.P.C for promotion from SDE to STS

(3) Creation of STS posts based on existing norms

(4)  Provident Fund/ Insurance/Pension scheme for  JTOs recruited for BSNL (5) Date of effect for IDA pay scales for Electrical/Civil/Architecture/TF from 1-10-2000 (6) Regularization of Adhoc SDEs/EEs in Civil/Electrical wings. CLICK HERE FOR THE LETTER ( CHQ News) ( Updated on 30-12-2003)

GS meets DDG (Trg) on 26-12-2003 and discussed about removing the condition of minimum mark in Competitive Exam results declared and demands filling up all available vacancies without imposing the minimum mark criteria. GS addresses Advisor (HRD) , DOT on this issue. Click Here >> ( CHQ News)( Updated on 30-12-2003)

Preparation of eligibility list for promotion of  JTOs to SDEs is progressing very fast. Almost 75 % work is reported to be complete. ( CHQ News) ( Updated on 30-12-2003)

Process for the issue of Presidential Orders for absorption of  Circle cadres are  in full swing in almost all the Circles. Presidential Orders in respect of Karnataka  Circle for Executives expected within 1st week of  January 2004. ( Updated on 30-12-2003)

GS meets CMD BSNL on 22-12-2003 an take up the following issues. (1)Promotion of JTOs to SDEs (2) Promotion of SDEs to Adhoc DEs (3) Recognition of Association in BSNL(4) (i) Provident Fund issue of JTOs recruited in BSNL (ii) Insurance scheme of JTOs recruited in BSNL (4) Extending notional date of implementation of revised payscales for Civil/ Electrical/ Architectural/Central Secretariat Staff Officers as 1-10-2000. The CMD was very positive and agreed to consider all the issues favourably. He also agreed in principle to assign the notional date to Civil/Electrical / Architectural/ CSS officers as 1-10-2000 so that they would be benefited  particularly in regard to time bound promotion. ( CHQ News  -   23-12-2003)

The All India provisional eligibility list for the promotion of JTOs to TES Grp "B" ( on seniority cum fitness)  will be issued before the end of Dec 2003. ( 22-12-2003)

The Presidential order to the circle cadre officers in Karnataka will be issued in the last week of January 2004.( 23-12-2003)

The all out- efforts are being made by SNEA(I) KTK Circle for consolidated creation of TES Grp "B" posts at the earliest. Also best efforts are made for creation of STS Posts from BSNL Head Qtrs through Our CHQ. ( 22-12-2003)

Hearty Congratulations to all the JTOs who have got through the competitive examination.


( Click here for Covering  letter)

(Click here to download the list of Karnataka Circle passed out Candidates )


 OTHER SALIENT POINTS:( After discussing with General Secretary )


1.    It may take two months (approx)  for issue of the promotion and posting orders of the successful candidates in the competitive examination.


2.     It is required to conduct the  DPC before the issue of promotion order, as the vacancies are to be filled up as per the new recruitment rule of TES Grp “ B” wef 23rd July 1996.


3.     GS SNEA(I) has appealed strongly to announce the results for all the 2500 vacancies( on all India basis) on the basis of “No Minimum Marks” principle.


4.     Circle Secretary SNEA(I) KTK Circle has strongly appealed the GS CHQ to see that all the passed JTOs in competitive exam are accommodated in Karnataka Circle, as the competitive quota vacancies are sufficient.


5.     For any more clarifications on the above matter please contact CS.

The Circle Secretary Com Vithal Rao has joined for duty wef 22-12-2003.

Absorption process progressing very smoothly. Present trend indicates that Presidential Orders will be issued by end of this month.( CHQ News)

Eligibility list for regular promotion of JTOs to SDEs expected to be finalised and ready within a week.( CHQ News)

Creation of STS posts on strong letters and pressure from this Association progressing fast. Circle Secretaries to ensure the required details called for in the proforma reaches the Corporate Office immediately. (Published in this website on 31-10-2003)( CHQ News)

Posting on promotion of officers of TES Grp'B' to STS of ITS Grp'A' on Ad hoc basis- Circle allotment issued by BSNL . Order No.412-41/2003-Pers-I dated 2-12-2003( CHQ News)

GS met DDG (SR) and held discussions on framing new rules for recognition  of Associations.( CHQ News)

GS met DDG (Estt) and held fruitful discussions particularly on one Time upgradation of JTOs and SDEs( CHQ News)

GS Com.G.L.Jogi, GS MTNL EA Com.V.K.Tomar, AGS Com.Sukhvir Singh met Member (Ser) and appraised him of a very special situation prevailing in MTNL  Delhi where around 250 to 300 SDEs were charge sheeted for System failure. Member (Ser) promised very firm and and positive action to redress grievance of the officers.

In a meeting of the Senior officers of the BSNL Board and the Unions especially as a  farewell meeting to Shri. J.K.Chabbra Sr.DDG (Per) promoted as Advisor, SNEA was invited as the Association representing officers. Director (Planning), Director (Operations), Director (HRD), Director (Finance), Jt. DDG (Per), New Sr.DDG(Per) Shri.N.D.Grover, Sr.DDG( Restructuring) , DDG (Admn), DDG (SR), DDG (Finance) and Unions & SNEA representatives participated in the meeting. Informal discussions were held on the financial viability of BSNL( CHQ News)

GS had detailed discussions with Director (HRD) on pending absorption related issues. Director (HRD) assured that the issues will be settled after thorough discussions with us. ( CHQ News)

GS held discussions with Member (Ser) stressing the need for expediting the DPC for promotion of JTOs to SDEs and SDEs to Adhoc DEs. Member (Ser) promised definite action. ( CHQ News)

Results of the TES Grp'B' Competitive Examianation 2002 likely to be released by 15th Dec 2003. The delay in the publication of result is due to the requirement of assessment and allotment of quota of around 2200 vacancies in total to the year 1996-97, 1997-98, 1998-99, 1999-2000 & 2000-2001. ( CHQ News)

Association addresses Hon. Prime Minister - Grave irregularities perpetrated by privvate companies in the Telecom. Sector at the expense of National Resources by way of open and complete defiance of stipulated licensing conditions in what could be called as Tacit Collusion and connivance of top brass of Telecom. Establishment and T R A I. TEXT>>> ( CHQ News)

Local officiating arrangements from JTO to T E S Group ‘B’ – calling options for choice of  posting. ( Click here to download the list) (22-11-2003)                                               

As the Circle Secretary will be on leave wef 17-11-2003, hence M H Gombi ( Asst Circle Secretary) is nominated as acting Circle Secretary. All the Dist/Divnl Secretaries are requested to contact him for the information in future. ( 15-11-2003)

Contact Info of Acting CS : Ph: 6557575(R) , 33311144(O)


As all most all Circles have sent list of eligibility for appearing 25% competitive examination for the promotion from JTO to SDE. The results may be announced before the end of this month positively( as per CHQ Information ). ( 15-11-2003)


The 10 SSAs DEL statements including DV cases for comparison has been sent by the Circle Office( EST Section) to BSNL Head Quarters for sanction of DEs Posts. ( 15-11-2003)

 Process of absorption of Grp'B' officers is progressing smoothly. No hitch or problem expected / anticipated. Don't believe in rumours. ( CHQ News on  9-11-2003)

CMTS posts - STS/JAG posts sanctioned for Karnataka, Gujarat, Chennai and Kolkatta Telephones. Proposals are pending for want of informations sought for  Haryana, MP, UP(E), Bihar, A&N, AP and Punjab. Proposals for the sanction of STS/JAG posts awaited from TN, Kerala, Orissa, Assam, NE-I, NE-II and WB. ( CHQ News on  9-11-2003)

GS Com.G.L.Jogi along with AGS Com. Sukhvir Singh met Advisor (HRD) and held elaborate discussions on the progress of DPC for regular promotion of JTOs to SDEs. Advisor (HRD) promised positive action.( CHQ News)

Local officiating arrangements from JTOs to TES Grp”B” modifications vide order No: staff/3-2/offtg/2003 dated 7-11-2003. ( Click the links given below for order copy) ( 7-11-2003)

Page 1   Page2   Page3

GS writes to Sh.S.K.Jain, Director (HRD), BSNL - Fullest support and cooperation on behalf of about 32,000 members of this Association - exposing the inactions of BSNL management and the biased and lopsided   policies of the Govt in giving shelter and leverage to vested interests like the Reliance, Tata Infocom. etc. Trade Unions role as legitimate watch dogs of the Organisation cannot be questioned and undermined. Click here for the text>>>

To resolve the pending absorption related issues raised by SNEA(I) a committee has been formed with Sh. J.K.Chabbra Sr.DDG(Per) as Chairman, DDG (Estt), DDG (SR) and Jt.DDG (Fin)as members.

 A meeting was held with sri V G Saxena GM(TT) on 6-11-2003 on the issues mentioned in Agenda ( Click here for Agenda). All the discussion were very much positive.

 Com Vithal Rao C/S, Com P Gangadhar Rao C/P, Com Govindagudi C/T and Com S R Yakub CWC Member, attended the meeting.

Com Vithal Rao C/S, Com Gangadhar Rao C/P, Com S R Yakub CWC Member, Com Lokesh – Area Secretary and Com R B Joshi District Secretary BGTD met Sri K Padmanabhan CGMT Karnataka on 5-11-2003. The Circle heads meeting proceedings were elaborately conveyed by him and other issues related to Mobile, WLL were discussed. ( 5-11-2003)

A farewell party was arranged on behalf of SNEA(I) Karnataka Circle to Sri Narasimha Murthy, DGM(staff), who got retired on 31-10-2003. He has served BSNL for the longest period as DGM(Staff).The Association will remember his efficient and best services and helping attitude towards the staff.

At the same time Sri Azeez Ahmad and Sri Ramaiah were greeted for their new assignments as DGM(staff) and DGM (Establishment) respectively. 

All the Circle office bearers of BGTD were present in the farewell party. ( 5-11-2003)

Circle Association has requested GM(TT) Sri V G Saxena for corrections/modifications in the recent order of local officiating promotions and postings from JTO to TES Grp “B” issued on 28-10-2003 as per the mutually accepted policy. ( Click here for the letter )

 The Unified District Conference of BJP TD held at Bijapur on 2-11-2003. More than 75 JTOs, SDEs and DEs attended the conference with support to the goals and objectives of SNEA(I).

 The following office bearers were elected unanimously as Office Bearers.

 President             -      Com D P Kulkarni, SDE.

Vice President     -      Com A H Jamadar., Offtg SDE.

District Secretary -      Com R M Patil, JTO.

District Teasurer  -      Com Jirankale, JTO.

Organising Secretary – Com Huliappagol,SDE.

 A well organized “ Open Session” was conducted. Sri M A Khan GM, BJP TD (Chief Guest), Sri Nazeer Ahamed DGM, Sri Ganapathi DGM and Com P Gangadhar Rao C/P, Vithal Rao  C/S, Com M G  Quareshi Area Secretary, Com Jigajinni BSNL EA D/S Belgaum, have addressed the gathering elaborately on improvement of services and also on cadre issues.


To resolve the pending absorption related issues raised by SNEA(I) a committee has been formed with Sh. J.K.Chabbra Sr.DDG(Per) as Chairman, DDG (Estt), DDG (SR) and Jt.DDG (Fin)as members. ( CHQ News)

The major items discussed in the Head of Circle Conference held on 30th and 31st Oct 2003 are (1) Aggressive provision of GSM connections (2) WLL connections in the changed scenario (3) Absorption of Grp 'B' Officers (4) KPMG recommendations (5) Conversion of existing landlines to pole-less connection (6) Feasibility of forming an independent " All India Long Distance Organisation " (7) Obtaining license for " International Long Distance Services" etc.( CHQ News)

Meeting of the Chief Labour Commissioner after preliminary discussions has been deferred to 30th Nov 2003.( CHQ News)

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