Pastoral Team

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From upper left to lower right...

Fr. John King, pastor of the parish.  Ordained in 1988, for the Diocese of Cleveland, OH, served in the parishes of St. Albert in N. Royalton St. Mary in Bedford, OH.  Transferred to Chirilagua, El Salvador in 1994.  Has been in Teotepeque since 1998.

Oso, the wonder dog, works at catching mice, chasing balls, greeting children and propagating the species.  Never misses a Mass.

Sister Guadalupe Puac Chuc, from Guatemala, resides in Mizata and works with liturgy and sacramental preparation.

Rene Ramirez, "the human loudspeaker", from El Salvador, residing in Teotepeque.  He is a pastoral assistant specializing in evangelization, radio broadcasts, teaching and all around pastoral help.

The Pastoral Team of the Parish of San Pedro, Teotepeque...

Patricio Torres, from El Salvador, residing in Teotepeque, specializes in youth development, liturgical music and strange inventions.

(lower row, left to right)

Sister Hilda Escobar Contreras, from Guatemala residing in Mizata, specializes in parish social programs for the poor.

Sister Mary Lou Tadsen, from the Ursuline community in the Diocese of Cleveland, resides in Jicalapa.  She works in home visitations, leadership development and all around pastoral help.

Sister Maribel Ruiz Barrera, from Guatemala residing in Mizata.  She works with evangelization, leadership development, retreats, youth and music.