People keep telling me I need more content. I keep telling them to get a life instead of constantly coming here.

Surprisingly, you didn't listen. Oh well. Take a look at my bad ass self while you're here, then.

My pictures can be seen here.

Definitely some stuff worth checking out if you ever have a moment:

OverClocked ReMixes

OverClcoked ReMix is a VGM-remix site. VGM meaning video game music. Yep. I'm a dork, jammin' to the beautiful beats of Revival Day Impoetus (Chrono Trigger).


Your ultimate source for... insanity on the Random Insanity, and Life, The Universe, and Everything boards.. if you could actually view them. Oh, and information on tons of video games.

Albino Black Sheep

Simply insane. Or simply hilarious. Or both. Just look.

Just a really cool website. CLICK HERE!!! 1