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While I lived with others in flats during my young adult life, I eventually saved enough money to put a down payment on a home in Hillsborough, a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand, as a 30th birthday present. However I never got to live in it for more than a few weeks at a time, because my company sent me to the U.S. in 1986, where I have been since, more or less. I was able to be a landlord for the years between 1986 to 1994, when I rented out my home to friends. Eventually in 1994 I returned to sell my home, and in May 1995 while back in the U.S., sold the home to an overseas buyer for a considerable profit.

Between the years of 1986 and 1997, I shared apartments and houses with friends and colleagues in the computer industry. Finally in 1997, I decided it was time to find a permanent home in the U.S., and purchased my current property in May 1997, after a short approximately one-month search using a buyers agent. I had found a home in my price range and close to that of my dream home.

The following is a document originally prepared by the realtors that describes the home. Click on the links to see photos or other information.

15 Aug 04Recently my next door neighbors sold their home. What I found interesting was their realtor's use of technology to do a virtual walk-thru of their property. Click here to do the virtual walk-thru of their property - if you zoom in and pan around, you will catch a glimpse of my house. Be aware that a Java applet will be loaded, and loading of the images can take a long time on a dial-up modem connection (be patient). Please EMail me if the link is no longer working (I don't know how long it will be available).


The following information is being provided so as to explain in detail the manner in which this home was built and discuss the custom features and benefits which make this a "one of a kind" home.

It has one of the most spectacular views in the entire area. One must see and experience the unobstructed views during the day and at night, the entire Santa Clara valley, the peninsula, South San Francisco bay and the rolling east foothills.

This home is extremely quiet to live in. It is located on a non-through street. It stays very cool in the summer and very warm in the winter due to the design. Snow has fallen here up to three inches during a cold spell. Deer and other wildlife walk through the property. When the valley is fogged over this home is normally clear and sunny. During the 4th of July you are able to view all of the fireworks displays with unobstructed views.

This document was originally prepared by Cornish & Carey residential real estate, with changes and corrections by the owner.

Location and Dimensions

This home is located off Mt. Hamilton Road (Hwy. #130) and has been built on .62 acres, nestled on a hilltop. The home is 2517 square feet in size and utilizes a geodesic dome design, sitting atop a concrete pier and post foundation on a natural grade. There is unlimited parking at the first level by the separate garage and approximately 1450 square feet at the second level at the entrance to the home. The home was built in 1978.

Geodesic Dome Design

The unique nature of this custom designed home is its geodesic dome design. Among the many advantages of the geodesic dome design is energy efficiency; utility bills in a geodesic dome home can be as little as half those for a similarly sized conventional rectangular home. The dome shape has 30 percent less exterior wall area than a rectangle, so all things being equal, 30 percent less heat is lost in winter and gained in summer. Winds move smoothly over the dome shape; this minimizes air leakage into the home. The interior dome shape creates a natural flow of air inside the home, distributing the heated or cooled air better throughout. With no interior support walls, a more efficient open floor plan can be designed.

The dome was designed, manufactured and installed by Cathedralite Domes of Aptos, California. The approximate height between floor and the top of the dome is twenty feet. The distance between each of the five major corners and the center of the home at floor level is approximately twenty-two feet.

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