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Work History

1988-present (18 months as a contractor) :

Apple Computer, Inc.

Cupertino, CA

Manufacturer of computer hardware, peripherals and software.

Products I have been involved in :

  • Xserve Remote Diagnostics
  • Apple Hardware Test
  • Apple System Profiler
  • MacTest Pro
  • MacCheck
  • Apple Personal Diagnostics
  • various Macintosh diagnostic programs
  • Apple II Diagnostics

1978-1988 :

Southern Software (Intl) Ltd. and subsidaries.

Auckland, New Zealand

A microcomputer company developing software for various markets for different personal computers. Retailed and wholesaled in hardware, service, and supplies. Apple authorized dealer and service provider. Certified developer status for Apple, HP, IBM. Distributor/VAR for networking systems from Nestar Systems, Inc., and exclusive agent for BeckTech memory upgrades for Macintosh. Moved into investments developing tax partnerships for high tech ventures.

joint ventures with following U.S. firms :

Heritage Systems, Inc.

Cupertino, CA

Vertical market software development, sales and installation.

Advanced Geographic Systems, Inc.

Huntington Beach, CA

Vertical market software development, sales and installation.

Positions I held at Southern Software :

  • Founding Shareholder.
  • Hardware installation and service.
  • Software research and development.
  • Project Manager.
  • Technical Manager - technical support for customers and staff.
  • Operations Manager - supervising production.
  • R&D Director - including technical evaluation of products.

Products I was involved with (years approximate) :

  • 1987 : VersaCAD for Macintosh. Helped port existing VersaCAD/CADapple product (by VersaCAD Corp., previously known as T&W Systems, bought out by Prime Computer, Inc., which later bought out Computervision Corp. Computervision was then bought out by Parametric Technology Corp., then sold back to the original owners, now operating as Archway Systems, Inc.) to Macintosh II.
  • 1986 : AccuMap/VersaDATA (based on VersaCad) - automated Mapping/Facilities Management (AM/FM) system, similar to Geographic Information System (GIS) for IBM PC/AT, IBM PS/2, SUN/Apollo UNIX workstations. Also included conversion utilities (e.g. VersaLINK) for translating from other existing systems. Joint venture in the U.S. with Advanced Geographic Systems. Major clients included City of Covina, CA; City of Roseville, CA; Southern California Gas.
  • 1985 : MacInooga Choo Choo - entertainment product for Macintosh; marketed through Fortnum Software and Abracadata Inc. in the U.S.
  • 1985 : MacChemistry - educational product for Macintosh; site licensed to Apple University Consortium members such as Drexel and Brown Universities.
  • 1985 : MacNest - "Scrapbook" replacement utility product for Macintosh.
  • 1984 : Contract work (joint venture) to provide low-level code for Davong Systems, Inc. and Nestar Systems, Inc. for their hard drive and networking products on IBM PC/XT.
  • 1984 : Film Management System (FMS) - movie production scheduling system for IBM PC/XT/AT. Joint venture in N.Z. with Remarkable Films Ltd., joint venture in the U.S. with Heritage Systems, Inc. Major clients included Warner Bros., Disney/CBC Television (for "Danger Bay" television series).
  • 1983 : HALO (Holistic Accounting LOgic), previously known as PAMS (Pascal Accounting and Management System) - complete multi-user integrated business suite (inventory, invoicing, payroll etc) for Apple II/III, Lisa, IBM PC. Major clients included student associations at the University of Auckland, NZ; University of Canterbury, NZ.
  • 1982 : Contract work (joint venture) to provide low-level Apple II ProDOS support code for Nestar Systems, Inc. (whose founder, Dr. Harry Saal, went on to form Network General Corp., which was bought out by Network Associates, Inc.) for their networking products.
  • 1981 : Dragon's Eye - entertainment product for Commodore PET/Apple II/Atari. Marketed through Automated Simulations / Epyx in the U.S. In top 5 U.S. computer games of 1981.
  • 1978 : Apple Business Suite (ABS) - complete integrated business suite (inventory, invoicing, payroll etc) for Apple II.
  • many other Apple III, Apple II, Commodore PET, TRS-80 (and other UNIX or CP/M based hardware) products for vertical markets (such as construction, transportation, medical billing, jewelry, health&fitness, radio stations, nc lathes, student record system, property management); games, utilities. Major clients included Fletcher Construction Co. (now Fletcher Challenge Building Ltd.), New Zealand Steel, Auckland Teachers Training College (now Auckland College of Education).

1978 (summer break) :

Electrical Engineering Dept., University of Auckland.

Auckland, New Zealand

  • Student Community Work Scheme job (also counted towards practical experience required for B.E. degree) - developed a 8085 cross-assembler in Fortran (based on some earlier work I had done porting a 6800 cross-assembler, simulator and debugger).

1977 (summer break) :

Electronic Data Systems (now part of C.C.L).

Auckland, New Zealand

Major payroll processing company.

  • Trainee Computer Operator - responsible for assisting with running of computer batch operations.

1974-1976 (part-time; summer breaks) :

Aero Chrome Plate (now part of Pacific AeroSpace).

Hamilton, New Zealand

Refurbishes and repairs aircraft engine cylinders.

  • Taken on as trainee aerospace engineer, as part of degree requirements and job offering - had a number of duties, including pre-work crack testing, chrome-plating and finishing of overhauled aircraft engines. Took responsibility for setting up and running cadmium plating plant.

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