Episode 33-"Three the Easy Way -or- Tomorrow Never Dies another Day"

Up in Nebultopia, the MAYHEM captains brood on their latest defeat by our heroes.
"My patience is wearing thin with these defeats.." said TriloByte. "I've been merciful to you since our lord is in the process of his recovery.." Vixen, Key, and Ug bow to him.
"Forgive us, Colonel." said Vixen. "We have tried almost everything to obtain the rich resources of the planet Lord Blackorg had sent us after.."
"Hmmm.." thought the stand-in leader. "If we can't persuade the humans to give up their resources, then we're going to have to corrupt it in order to claim it for ourselves..It seems for once, I'll have to enter the fight even more..while I ponder an appropiate cybercreature to enter the fray.."
Minutes later, TriloByte took a miniatured parasite and a Killer-Byte, crunched it up into a ball-like shape, and dropped it on top of an android skeleton. He proceeds to turn on the machine as it churns and kneads like a doughy mixture. The chamber opens with steam coming out. "Ah..it is done, TriloByte thought. "Let us see what develops..."
In a nearby park in the heart of the city, Takeshi was walking along with his fellow Asian Studies professor, Mai Lin, and enjoying the view.
"Well, the semester's almost over, Mai.." said Takeshi. "Any plans for the summer?"
"I'm teaching a class in the first summer session. Afterwards, I'm going to take a three week cruise down under in Australia.. What about yourself?" said Mai.
"I'm doing the same, but I'm using those other two months for R & R.."
On the other side of Katzenberg Park, however, the peace and quiet was not about to last. A group of panicked people began running to safety. One man, however, fell and was doused with water, gasped for air, and began to dehydrate!
The cybercreature called KuroTylo, based on the fish-like dinosaur, laughed sadisticly as he terrorized the park goers. "HA HA HA HA! Water! Water! I must have water!" He proceeds to squirt more on another man and woman, gasping and then passes out!
Takeshi sensed the commotion and tried to excuse himself. "I'm sorry, Mai..I've got to go..I forgot I had an appointment for this afternoon with one of my pupils.." Using that as an excuse, the sixth ranger ran to find what was going on.
"I'm gonna drain you dry, human!" said KuroTylo as he claims another victim, grasping at the monster's feet, and gasping for a breath or two.
"Ma-te! Hold it right there, fish-face!" shouted Takeshi.
"Who said that?"
"The one who's gonna kick your butt back into the deep blue sea! Surrender!"
"Hah! Here's my answer to you, foolish man of flesh!" KuroTylo swiftly swings his tail at Takeshi. He ducks out of the way, only to see the tail coming right down on him. Takeshi somersaults out of the way, and transforms!
"HENSHIN! EIGACHANGER!" Takeshi becomes SilverScanner once again. Pulling out his MagnumBlade, he slices KuroTylo, yet it didn't faze the cybercreature.
"Is that all you've got, Scumranger? If that's the best you can do, you're finished!" With his tongue, he decks Silver in the face. "Forgot my manners..Have a drink, won't you?" KuroTylo spouts a watery fluid on Silver, and suddenly the sixth ranger began to gasp for breath!
"Nan desu ka? Why can't I breathe?"
"I've just sapped you dry, fool! In a few hours, your body will be drained, and you'll be nothing but dust, just like those helpless humans you've sworn to protect!" KuroTylo approached Silver, grabbing him by his neck and about to strangle him. "And you-"
"SILVER CHOP!" cried Takeshi, hitting him on the monster's shoulder.
"AAAGHH!..Cheap shot, Scanranger..It matters not..You're still good as dead.. Today the humans, next, the reservoirs! HA HA HA HA!" The cybercreature teleports away.
Meanwhile, B.C. was coming out of his Creative Writing 2 class, and thought about some ideas for his next project.
“Let’s see now..Sensei LeMond wants us to create an action packed/mystery or sci-fi epic. Since that’s Mikey’s category, it may be easier to do the former..” He gets started on his ideas.
B.C. then gets a call on his communicator. Naturally, it was Professor Alex, calling the rest of the team. "Scanrangers, report to the IMAX briefing room immediately..Emergency.." Vin, Toni, Nick, and Carmen also answer the call.
Soon, the five intrepid campus students return to Mt.Columbia. "MAYHEM has struck again.." said Alex. "Somehow Takeshi's body has been infected with some unknown disease caused by one of their cybercreatures." Takeshi was held in a water-tight chamber as Dr. Markby tried to analyze the diagnosis.
"The last thing Takeshi said was something about a re-server..It just didn't make sense." said the good doctor.
"MAYHEM's re-server?" said Vin. "Doesn't make sense at all.."
The team witnessed KuroTylo attacking more citizens, spraying them with its water, then fell limp, trying to get water to hydrate themselves. Unfortunately, Takeshi, in a semi-conscious state, saw his fellow professor Lin also attacked by KuroTylo, and fell before the evil's might.
"I-Iie..No.." Takeshi said weakly inside the chamber tank. He felt completely helpless, unable to save his good friend.
"Wait!" said Nick. "I think Takeshi meant, reservoir!"
"You may be right, Nick.." said Dr. Markby. "I believe the monster was sent out to test their attack, using innocents as guinea pigs!"
"Which means he could enter a water supply area, and use that poisoned formula to kill others!"
"Dios! That monster could kill millions!" said Carmen. "But we don't know what reservoir he'll strike at first!"
"Something else I've recently discovered, too.." said Alex. "There's a gala event going up tonight at Pine Run..The State Water Company is about to open up a new reservoir not far from the state border!"
"Which means the service area is..around here!" said Vin.
"Later that evening there'll be a party to celebrate the opening.."
"What's the plan, dear teacher?" asked Toni.
"We've got to stop that monster from poisoning the supply.."
"Wait a moment, guys! This may work in our favor!" Nick responded. "I have a cousin up North Jersey who's an administrative assistant for the company! I could see if I can call in a few favors and get in the party!"
"All right, Nick! You've got the hook-up, my man!" said Vin.
"I could use the five of us to get in the party..One of us could infiltrate the water area."
A call goes to the corporate office of State water, where Nick's cousin was at her business,filing and the usual administrative stuff. She answers, "State Water, Bonnie speaking..Nick? To what I owe this honor? Sure, you haven't changed..only calling me when you want a favor..Tickets for the reservoir gala? Four guests including you? Heh..The only way you'll be able to do this is to be our entertainment for the night..So, you'll do it anyway..More power to you..I'll leave the passes at the door.."
"Vin-he’s a smooth, suave, calm guy without guile, but when it comes to his aikido skills, he’s dangerous..That’s it..I dub thee..Triple V.(VvV).."
B.C. envisions Vin in a souped-up BMW convertible riding up the Rockies. Talking to the camera, Vin speaks.“Twixter Smith thinks that TV’s harmful to the kids..Well, that’s why we have Sesame Street, Dragon Tales, and Sponge Bob Square Pants..Twixter also wants to ban recess because kids may get ‘hurt’ playing tag. Ex-squeeze me, senator, but the less fun kids can have, the fatter the kids can get in society..and don’t blame video games! The President’s Council of Fitness & Sports are appalled at your actions! Let the kids play, blast it!” VvV then drives the Beamer off the cliff, but escapes with a parachute. He opens it as the car plunges into the ravine.
“Two lessons to learn,people.. Number one, DO NOT, REPEAT, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Number two, Don’t be a Twit!” concluded Vin aka Triple V. The car explodes at his last response.
"Chikyu calling Vin..He-llooo..Earth calling Vin." B.C. waved his hand in front of him awakening the Vin Man from his fantasy dream state. "Since we've seen Triple X, and you're the stealthiest fighter on account of your action energy, and your undercover work.."
"So, because of Nick's connections, the mighty leader suffers?"
"Only for one night...I promise you, we'll get you in the show somehow.."
Taking on B.C.'s creative writing idea, Nick and B.C. show up at the costume ball, with Toni and Carmen along with them. Vin was searching around the reservoir area, stealthly zooms through the guards close to the water. Dressed up as B.C.'s character, Triple V, he scopes the forest with his infrared sunglasses.
"It's about time! I didn't spend $500 for the entertainment not to show up! Before the band performs, you guys should be set to do your comedy act!" said Mr.Kelly.
"Ready to do your thing, 009?" said Nick/Boston Powered.
"As ready I can ever be, Mr. New England Man of Mystery.." said B.C.
The four start the opening act in the same fashion not unlike a James Bond opening- the iris, and the crosshairs focusing on B.C. Instead of a gun, he threw a cherry pie with whipped cream. At the same time, Nick, a.k.a. Boston Powered, awakened from suspended animation.
Normally,when JB goes out spying, he zips off his wet suit, revealing a tuxedo underneath. This time, he does the opposite, as he searched for that relentless double agent, Ernie Sturgeon Blofish. "That monocle-wearing Dr.Evil's about to corrupt the music world with nothing but hypnotic Mariah Carey CD's, so that all the men would submit to his bidding and take over the Earth!" 009 hesitated and heard a voice. "I hear something.." 009 stealthily went to the corner to catch the bad guy unawares. B.C. leaped, and instead found a woman with a catsuit on, doing a somersault, and kicked him in the back.
"What? You?" replied 009.

Act two

"You? I don't believe this..Mac, the Light Angel?"
Played by Toni, (the answer to Dark Angel)I normally don't like partners to take out these mutated creatures, but in your case, I'm wiling to make a exception.." Mac caresses 009's face.."Mmmm..Foam or Edge side?"
Like Curly, B.C. briefly went out of character, and started to gobble like a turkey, similar how a pretty woman would flirt with the Stooge.
"Where the blooming heck am I?" BP said, looking at the calendar. "I'm in the 21st century! What happened to 1967?" His response came in the form of a plastic dart gun, one hitting his nose, one hitting him on his chest.He looked, and saw Carmen, in Lara Croft gear, with a silver spandex bodysuit, armed with two .44's, only calling herself Lana Kraftwerk, Grave Raider of the Lost Temple.
Lana's response after hitting her target.."Kiss kiss bang bang..you dead.."
"Yeah, baby.." replied BP in his pseudo-British accent. "That's what I love to do..Kiss kiss kiss kiss, etc..I know that you're all woman! Rrrowr!"
"Undercover work..they say..I'm the stealthiest fighter who can infiltrate the basement, they say.." grumbled Vin. "Note to self.. when you suggest big ideas with a party in the background, instead of playing behind the scenes, keep your big mouth shut!" Vin then heard a slithering noise, in between the walls.
"What the? He's already here!" Vin saw Kuro Tylo take out three guards near the restricted area. He proceeded to call the others.
Meanwhile, the other four conclude their show, taking a bow. Nick's FilmBrace began beeping. "Right, Vin..Coming up!"
"Vin found the cybercreature?" B.C. said. "Well then, It's showtime!"
"Thanks for looking after the liquid supply, fellas! Have a drink on me, will you?" said the cybercreature. One guard began to get delirious and gasped for air like the other victims who suffered at Katzenberg Park earlier in the day. The other, however, did not suffer any ill effects, but was simply unconscious.
"Max! Max!" cried his fellow guard. "What have you done to him?" The livid security man instinctively shot his revolver at KuroTylo. Of course, the bullets had no effect. Thus, the monster swung its tail at him knocking him out for the count.
"Wait a minute..I see a connection..Takeshi, Professor Lin, and this poor guy.." Vin flashes back on Takeshi still in the water chamber..the professor also in the hospital breathing oxygen, and the guard's skin drying up rapidly, to the extent his skin began to peel!
"Why would MAYHEM focus on attacking people older than 25 years old? Whatever the case, I need to stop him now!" Vin jumped out of his hidden space, and sent a straight kick onto KuroTylo's chin. "It's over, dino-breath!You've dehydrated your last victim!'
"Shut up, human! I've only just begun! I'm just one step from corrupting your precious water supply!" Vin began to grapple with him, but remembering not to get close or he'd suffer the same fate as the other victims!
The other four, still in costume, appear to give Vin a hand. "Nice get-up, 'Boston Powered'.."
"You don't look so bad yourself, 'Triple V'.." replied Nick. "Shagadelic, indeed, baby!"
"What is this? A band of quick change artists to challenge me?" said the cybercreature.
"Not only that, but we're the guys that's gonna leave you shaken, and stirred..Stirred-fry, that is!" said B.C.
"LET'S DO THIS!" Vin led with the others. "LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! SCANRANGER!" All five were transformed and charged up within their battle suits.
"C'mon, Flipper! We're gonna take this outside!" Green and BlueScanner grabbed KuroTylo and brought the monster outside to keep it away from harming other civilians.
KuroTylo then activated a very oily fluid from its body. "Hey!" said Blue. "What're you doing? I can't keep a grip on this dino!"
"That's the idea, fool! You can't punch what you can't grab!" KuroTylo then swings his tail at Green, knocking him aside. He tried to do the same to Blue, but he ducks out of the way.
"Swing and a miss!" repiled Blue. "I'll get you, Scanranger!" said the monster, swinging his tail again missing.
"Strike two! Here comes the payoff pitch!" Blue attempted to goad KuroTylo into wearing him out, with the monster's backpack already near empty. The cybercreature swings again! Then B.C. made his move!
"STOP!" Blue used the pause button on his FilmBrace to freeze KuroTylo, then pulls out his Speed-Bo Staff, changing it into mallet mode, and KuroTylo froze in its tracks, with the tail in mid-air. "HAMMER TIME!" He pounded the monster on the noggin, falling back. "STRIKE THREE! YER OUT!"
In the regular fashion, the other rangers follow with a combination attack. Our heroes utilized their Film Energy with some new moves. Yellow combined her Anime Film Energy and combined it with her love of video games, Thus, becoming one with Lara Croft-Tomb Raider, she became one with the video game/movie, and began gunning the monster with deadly accuracy! Green was next, Becoming one with Austin Powers, he uses a SFX blowing himself up to the size of a 500 pound sumo wrestler, similar to a certain blobby, and obnoxious Scotch character from the two sequels. Green roared in his sumo mode, charged at KuroTylo, and rammed the cybercreature toward the wall, flattening it.
Pink and Red combined their powers, and Pink with her "Titanic Attack", drenched the monster, with Red, becoming one with the movie "XXX", snowboarded down to KuroTylo with his Cinerama Cutlass in hand, poised, ready, and slashed the dino-based cybercreature!
"Let's put 'em together!" said Red, utilizing the Scanranger personal weapons once more. Pink's Film Splicer Shield, Yellow's Valkyrie Vancers, Green's launchers, Blue's staff, and now Red's Cinerama Cutlass.
"ACTIVATE CINEMASHER-BY DELUXE!" shouted the rangers. KuroTylo stood wearily, but knew there was no place to run. The eiga sentai turned the Cinemasher loose, thrusting through the now defeated cybercreature. The rangers turn their backs, as KuroTylo falls back exploding!
The other victims were automatically hydrated again back to normal, none the worse for wear, including Professor Lin and Takeshi, conscious, and eyes burning for revenge!
"Confound it! Foiled again!" said TriloByte. "KILLERBYTE! ACTIVATE!"
"I'm awake! I'm awake! Hold your horses! I've got a big dino-fish that's out of water!" said the KillerByte. Within the cybercreature's oil bloodstream,it injects the fallen KuroTylo with Kuronium from its legs, making it grow in the similar sentai fashion.
"Guess who's making it big, Scumrangers!" shouted the cybercreature.
"These PR type jokes are getting very bland.." said Red. "Anyway, THUNDER DOLBY!" he shouted with the others. Dolby approachers the battle ground and grapples with KuroTylo. The monster uses his tongue, and by instinct, Dolby grabs it with both hands.
"PULL!" Red said as the mighty Scanranger robot lifts the cybercreature over and landing it on its back. the team realizes it couldn't let go of the tongue.
"Come on, fearless leader, let go of that icky tongue already!" said Yellow.
"I'm trying, but his lasher feels like steel-grip super glue!"
"Heh heh heh heh heh!" KuroTylo then squirts its water draining liquid on Thunder Dolby THX as the tongue releases itself! "What's going on?" asked Pink. "Our energy levels have dropped rapidly! We can't move!" replied Green.
Thunder Dolby stood in place like a statue. KuroTylo took advantage and blasted the robot full force! THX then dropped to the ground like a weighted boulder!
"I can't get Dolby going! We've got to try to power up our energy as before!" Red said.
"Ah ah ah! Not if I crush you from inside first!" KuroTylo kept on stomping Dolby on its chest!
As the giant monster does so, it was hit by an energy blast! "What hit me?" said KuroTylo. The Scanrangers look up in the sky.
"I DID!" said SilverScanner, alive, kicking, and cured flying WideScreener. "You almost killed my best friend! I won't forgive you for that!" Takeshi leapt out of WideScreener. "SILVERSCANNER, J MODE!" He enlarges himself to the height of the competitants. "SILVER CHOP!" The monster falls on its backside, which gave the rangers time to focus and concentrate on reactivating Dolby back to full strength.
SilverScanner flew up beneath WideScreener, which then separates, and clamping onto Takeshi to activate SuperScreener mode! "PRESENTATION-SUPERSCREENER!" he shouted.
"What say we give fish face a double dose of reality, Silver?" said Green.
"Yoshi! Right! You got it! MEGA CROSS NOVA!" shouted Silver, cross-folding his hands to emit the spacium-like ray blast.
"GATLING REEL GUNNER! FIRE!" Dolby blasts away, riddling the dinosaur based cybercreature into submission. The combination of the robot's barrage and SuperScreener's Nova beam, dried up KuroTylo, with its liquid backpack destroyed.
"B-blast you..Scumrangers..I-I'll destroy you..I'll.."
"The fish is now out of water, people!" said RedScanner. "STUNTMASTER!" The utility robot runs to the battleground and immediately transforms into gun mode, and mounts on Thunder Dolby. KuroTylo weakly stands up.
"STUNTMASTER BLASTER! FIRE!" the rangers shouted. The blast finishes off the cybercreature.
"The fish has been deep-fried, my friends!" said Blue.
Three days later, Vin, Takeshi, and Nick went to B.C.'s dorm."So, how did it go with the rest of your story?"
“Wait a minute. B.C.” said Vin. “You never finished the rest of the story..Of course, VvV got the girl, just like Xander did..”
“Or myself, Boston Powered had his way with the ladies, too..” said Nick.
“Don’t tell me 009, with his sinister charm, got the girl..”
“Two words for you guys..Surprise ending..” said B.C. ‘Apparently, after the three heroes go their separate ways, Easy Hunter(a spoof of Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible and MI:2) intervened and ran off with the girl..”
“Huh?” said Vin and Nick together.
“So who did you cast as our girl stealer, Mr. Plot-Spoiler?”
"Can't tell you..To be continued in Volume Two..Available next issue." Vin and Nick had enough and walked away.
B.C. looked over and saw Takeshi, who happened to wear a cool pair of shades. "Genki desu ka, Takeshi-san..or shall I say Easy Hunter?"
Takeshi looked as if he was seeing the audience, taking off his sunglasses. "Another story for another day..This episode shall self-destruct in three seconds!" Not unlike Tom Cruise in MI:2, Takeshi tosses them to the audience,and the camera fades out..

To be continued..

In our next Scanranger adventure, Vin tries to encourage a close friend to get involved in extracircullar activities. Unfortunately one of those activities is in the guise of MAYHEM's demonic fraternity! Can Vin and the rest of the team crash this deadly frat house party in time?
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