Note from me

I will be selling lakorns for members at Sarn's forum only, so I will only be accepting PM at the forum or you can e-mail me by getting my e-mail at the forum.

All questions/request or order can be placed by E-mailing or PM me, if you e-mail me, it'll be great if you can let me know your screen name at sarn's forum also ^_^

I have a fairly bussy schedule so I will try to get back to you asap, sorry if I'm a little slow in replying

If you have time please read the Frequently Asked Questions page, your question may be answered there

Payment Information

>> I am only accepting cash, money order, personal check, and Paypal.
**Remember if you choose paypal there will be a charge for the transaction fee of $2, no matter how much you order

>> I will send out your lakorns after I've received your payment.

>> After you've PM/E-mail me and we have discussed about your orders, I will give you more info. about where to send the payment.

Shipping Prices

Orders will be shipped through Priority Mail.

  U.S. Residence
1 - 4 Lakorns *
5 - 10 Lakorns

1-5 Lakorns
6-10 Lakorns **


* Sometimes I may be able to fit 5 lakorns into one shipment, so I'll only charge you $5.
** If order more, please talk to me

Other countries please talk to me :)


Title Actors Price
 Aii yah ah theu  Ann Alicia/Tao Somchai  $16  
 Aii Maa Lek  Ken/Yardtip  $21  
 Ankor  Pete/Emma  $22  
 Ankor 2  Pinky/Por  $22  
 Aum Nard  Johnny Enfone/Yelly  $24  


Title Actors Price
 Bang Gerd Glao  Sam/Nok Sinjai/Ravit  $16  
 Barb Ruk Talay Fun  Ken/Yardtip $18  
 Ban Poo Tawan  Oil/Yui  $18  
 Ban Rai Sai Saward  Kelly/Geawalin  $21  
 Ban Sai Thong  Num/Joy  $48
Bow see chompoo Angie/Charkit $16
Buang Bunjatorn Marsha/Charkit $18
Buang Leh Sanae Ha Aum Attichard/Tanya/Kwang GamonChanok $20
Buang Ruk Fang/Pepper $16


Title Actors Price
 Chicha Sao Noy Mahasajun Paul/Paula  $17
Chai Krup Pom Pen Chai  Charkit/Lookade Matinee  $22  
 Cheewit Peur Kah Huajai Peur Ter   Captain/Pin  $32  


Title Actors Price
 Dao Lhong Fah Poopah See Gnern Princess Ploypilin/Por  $16
 Dode deaw mai deaw da Aom/Fluke  $18  
Dok gal gala booning Mam Kath/Au  $18  
 Dome Tong Sarunyu/Numpeung $18  
Dood Fah Rai Dao Gawalin/?? $17
Doung Dok Meuy Pongpat/Nok Jiraya/Jintara $20
Dung Sawan Sarb Kob/Por $18


Title Actors Price
Fah Lung Fonn Sam Yuranan/Gwang Kamonchanok  $22  
 Fah Pieng Din Aom/Captain  $19
Fah Mai Aum/Por  $14  
Fai Nam Karng Sam/Sirium $13
Fai Ruk Fai Pissawad Dodo/?? $20  


Title Actors Price
 Gabote Huajai Jarkit/Khem/Bee $17  
 Gala Pung Ha Dom/Joy R. $17  
 GalTha Wan Jai Araya/??? $19  
 Gang Puan Guan Inter Ann Alicia/?? $12  
 Game Ruk Payabard Aom/Captain $24  
 Game Thun Ha Pupae/Dom $15  
 Gerd Tae shard bang nai Sirium/Johnny $18  
 Gnao Jai Kob/Brook $18  
 Gor waa jai mai ruk Kong/Sirita $16  


Title Actors Price
Himah Tai Prajun
Sornram/Film/Pat $17  
Hoy Un Chun Ruk Ter Dan/Janie $17  
Huajai Chocolate Aom/Mos $19  
Hua Jai mee gnao Patson/Ning $13  
Huajai Torranong Johnny Enfone/?? $12  
Huck Liem PraKarn Sornram/Joy R. $15  


Title Actors Price
I-din gup glin wine
Joe/Noosaba $15  

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