The Thailand Meditation Group was created and dedicated for all those that are inspired and lead to begin their journey in learning the silence within. In addition, for those that has an interest in learning a technique to realize God and the manifestations of love from within.

Thailand Meditation Group is also affiliated with Ananda Church of Self-Realization(founded by Swami Kriyananda, living deciple of master) and its world mission in "helping others how to positively guide their lives through the priceless teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda."

"When you practice truth whether you call yourself a Christian, a Hindu, a Buddhist, or a devotee of any other religion, Christ will claim you, and so will Krishna, Buddha, and all other divine incarnations of truth." - Paramhansa Yogananda.

A Pranayama technique such as Kriya Yoga is a scientific route or method that leads one to self-realization. Anyone that practices a certain religion can keep that religion along with practicing the scientific techniques of Pranayama Kriya Yoga. This can only enhance ones particular understanding of his or her religion on a much deeper level. Eventually we realize that all paths lead to the same destination and that is the truth we all must learn to accept in the world today.

Yoga can be traced back 5,000 years as the science of realization developed as scientific techniques, not just a religion. Many throughout the world since the 1800's have been practicing the ancient science of Kriya Yoga. The Pranayama Kriya Yoga technique that is mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita and by the leading exponent of Yoga science Patanjali, in the Patanjali Sutras was revived by the great Babaji in the 1800's which had been lost in the dark ages. Lahiri Mahasaya was the first modern Yogi that Babaji picked to disseminate the Pranayama teachings. Paramhansa Yogananda was chosen to bring this highest science to the west in the 1920's.

There have come to be many groups around the world that teach Kriya Yoga, that have been lead by different directions or teachers. Just as God picked several instruments to help spread the teaching of all great techniques, this technique is not kept in the dark as a secret but given out to those devotees that really want to know God. When one is ready the teachings will be presented to them. God is in all things not just a body or a group that is in charge of the dissemination.

Only when we are given the proper tools to quiet our restless minds, can we begin to understand and learn that pure joy and happiness is within all of us. Master (Paramhansa Yogananda) has often said, "Kriya Yoga is said to be the Airplane route to self-realization." While there are many rivers that lead to the one ocean, there are also faster routes which are better suited for ones consciousness.

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What is Yoga?

by Paramhansa Yogananda

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