Selecting landscape furniture, Desing landscape, Design-built
and Garden maintenance.

Welcome to Thai Pottery ,the manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of Thai pottery products, earthenware, pottery sculptures,figures and decorating pots. All in good quality by handmade and competitive prices. We collected all Thai pottery styles here,from Northern till Center of Thailand. You can find special pots for decorating your garden, living room or welcom warming hall. We invite you come and see our products here.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to give us at suggestion box. We appreciate all of your suggestion which we will improve to meet your staisfaction.

We welcome all requirments for designing new or renovate gardens and landscape. Includidng full service for garden construction,design-built and garden maintenance. About designing project, we have experient landscape architects from Thailand in our team.
Willing help for filding garden furniture such as ornamental pot, decorating sandstone, sculpture and more throughout Thailand.

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