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The Author: Chai Komlertkul

I've been a musician all my life. I spent most of my free time during the early teen years listening and learning how to play music. I remember the likes of Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis,
Cliff and The Shadows and many other teen idols in those early Rock & Roll days, and how their music left an enormous inprint on me. But then one day, as I was listening to the radio after school, came a song that literally wiped out every idea I'd had about music. Although I was only fifteen years old at the time I knew this was something totally different from all others. And I was not wrong; the Beatles, as everyone knows, had
become the most famous band in the history of music 'til this day.
Today my friends and I still get together and play their music at a local pub. We've had some fantastic support from the audience for their appreciation of this music. So I thought, our very own Beatles club website is inevitable.
So here you go members - I hope you enjoy these pages as much as I did making them.

I've been collecting many of the email addresses from the club that we played, if you have any friends that want to join this club please email me at
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