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A site for local Shadow's fans and bands activities:
My name is Chai Komlertkul, I started this webpage for the local Shadow's fans here in the city of Bangkok,Thailand. As you can see I'm pretty new at this but I'm hoping to get better soon.
As far as I know this site is the first of it's kind here in Thailand, or anywhere in this area (Southeast Asia). If you know of any other site that exists in this neigborhood, please email me at:


I also have a Shadows copy hobby band called " The Young Once" here in Bangkok, Thailand
The guys and I get together and play rather regulary in clubs around town.

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"TheYoung Once"
A local band that's keeping the sound of
The Shadows alive. 

The all Thai band " The Young Once" was formed as a hobby . They all remember how much fun they had playing this type of music back in the early sixties. All of the members in the band are currently active in the local music business.

The four members of the band are:

Chai Komlertkul Lead guitar, Lead vocals
formerly with the bands The Fantasy Five and Company,and still playing regulary with another hobby band called Beatlenuts. Playing a custom made fiesta red strat with gold hardwares
Has his own production company and is also a staff producer for Grammy records.

Jirapan Angswanond (Bass guitar)
Fomerly with the bands The Youngsters,Triangle Lake and Butterfly.
Also owns his own music prodution company and is the music director for the opening and closing ceromonies for the 1998 Asian Games here in Thailand.

Vichai(Toy) Punyayun (Lead and rhytum guitar)
Formerly with the bands The Silversands and The Pink Panthers (released many albums under this name)
Runs a successful jingle house and 3 recording studios with 16 and 24 trks and a full digital studio.

Tang Anusorn (Drums)
formerly with The Drifters and The Impossible.
Still drumming up a storm with local pop and jazz bands.

The band's show list:

First set                                                          Second set                                          Encore

1 Shindig                                       1 Rise and Fall                                   a Frightened City
2 Gonzales                                     2 Little Bee                                         b 36 24 26
3 Foot Tapper                               3 The Young Ones                             c Boys / F.B.I.
4 Lucky Lips                                 4 Poor Boy                                          d The Ventures Medley
5 Bachelor Boy                             5 Peace Pipe                                            Walk don't run
6 Wonderfuland                           6 Atlantis                                                 Slaugther On 10th Ave
7 Dance On                                    7 Stranger / Kon Tiki                             Pipeline /Telstar
8 Sleepwalk                                   8 Midnight e Got a funny feeling
9 Summer Holiday                       9 Living Doll f Mean women blues
10 Please Don't Tease                10 Dancin' Shoes
11 In the Mood(medley)             11 Guitar Tango
12 Apache                                     12 Man of Mystery
13 Fall in Love With You          13 Shadoogie
14 Move It                                    14 Do You Wanna Dance
15 Cozy                                         15 The Savage
16 Theme From the                   16 Round & Round
Young Lovers                              17 The High&mighty
17 It'll Be Me
18 Blue Suede Shoes

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