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    For those of you who are new to the Simpsons, allow me to shed some light on the Comic Book Guy.  The nameless entity know only as the "Comic Book Guy" has been a mainstay of Springfield for many years now.  He has his own hobby shop called  "The Android's Dungeon"  where he sells everything from comic books (duh!!) to Steve Allen Pogs to Carl Yastrzemski baseball cards ( the one with the big sideburns).  His sarcasm and wit have made him one of the most admired marginal characters in Springfield.  In addition, his mannerisms fit the hilarious stereotype of a fat, balding, anal retentive, sci-fi loving, comic book collecting, price gouging, breakfest burrito eating, LINUX using, Internet surfing bum who's only incentive to wake in the morning is to watch a Dr. Who marathon.  As time goes by and the mystery of the Comic Book Guy continues to unfold I will keep you posted, but for now enjoy the following stuff!!

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