"Hi!! Have you met me yet?"

~ My name is Tony, and I dedicate this page to those I love and love me ~

~ To my Lord and Savior who has given me more than a second chance at life ~

~ My beautiful and loving wife Charlotte ~

~ Who understands me and yet loves me unconditionally ~

~ My children and grandchildren ~

~ For my brother and sister ~

~ Who have been my closest friends and protectors my entire life ~

~ And to my Mother and Father ~

~ Who gave me life and taught me to be a man ~

This site would have not been possible
without the love and hard work of a very, special lady
who I call my friend, my buddy, my sister in Christ.
She has been a constant pillar for me to lean on
and a wonderful inspiration.
Jan MacDonald ("Z") this is for you.
Thank you and God Bless you
for who you are and for being there
for me and so many others.
God Smiles on you.

You can see Jan's site here.

~ Phillip - A Dedication to My Lung Donor ~
~ My Wife - My Life ~

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"Keep on...keepin' on"
Tony in Dallas

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Last updated: April 1, 2004