haven't been to this part of town in ages. so much has happened since. first thing first, i did end up buying a car. on ebaymotors no less. buying a car online is a serious risk. you never know if you are getting a lemon or an apple. after much turmoil over the bidding war, i brought in a friend who's also a mechanic (lesson #243: always have a mechanic friend) to test drive. turns out everything went smooth as a baby bum. of course the obstacle course didn't come around till after the car purchase. by no mean was this the dealer's fault or mine. who woulda known that new jersey DMV turns out to be the WORST organization on the face of the planet. by the worst, i mean they are fucktards. i don't even use the word fucktards for typical retards, only for NJDMVs... long story short, after 3 visits, 2 weeks, and clocking over 12+ of waiting time (that is standing in line at DMV), i still have not gotten my license nor title nor registration. nope. i have never before in my life experience a perfect combination of laziness and unprofessionalism and just simply not-caring attitude at any government institution. let me just say the NJDMV made the INS looks like a speedy rabbit.

ok.. enough bitching about that. one day this will all be over and i can finally drive the car. that is all i hope for.

on the homefront burton the dog is enter the stage of brat-hood. we are dogsitting happy, who is ramya's parent's dog, for the month. burton and happy do not get along. happy wants to hump burton and all living species around him all day long. burton only wants everyone to pay attention to him and only him. when there's a toy, it's burton's toy. if happy walks into the bedroom, burton pees on the bedroom floor to announce ownership of the room. having one dog is the ultimate test of responsibility. having two dogs is the ultimate test of patience.

psst.. this site is going to get a major revamp soon. and it will be all in flash.. whooooo.. now i just need to find time between working and mopping dog pee to build it.

i wonder if i have one of those visionaire syndrome. the kind that makes you get all excited about new ideas, start them, but never follow through. for example, this blogish site right here. if you notice the pattern of how spread out the entries are, you will probably come to a conclusion that one day this very site will be gone. and that i will never come back here again to write blurps about nothingness. you see, part of the problem about having this so called syndrome is the fear of not actually accomplishing anything at all. i started djing. i went head over heals about djing. i dropped tons of money on records. i stopped djing. i started skiing. i went out and got all the skiing gears. a few years later the gears got traded in for a snowboard. now im in the snowboard phaze. when i stop doing that i'll go on to something else. oh oh, a perfect other example, the digital camera. don't get me wrong i *love* great photos. taking them is fun, but then it becomes difficult to remember to bring them. even more of a task to unload and organize and put them up. i am so lazy when it comes to that.

so why am i so worked up about this? i mean afterall, i have been able to control the spurts of interest in random things to stuff i can remotely afford. what i fear is whether this actually bleeds in to other things in my life. for example, i am thinking about starting my own business. it is a great idea and i know for a fact that i can start it. continuing it is another issue. what if i get bored of it one day? what if i fail? starting a business is not like starting a hobby. do i want to do it that badly? if you ask me all the hobby i dropped throughout i did want them pretty badly at one point or another. so what will ensure that this business idea thing will actually fly? *sigh*

crap gotta get back to desk work..
i promised myself i will buy me a car after finish reading "personal finance for dummies"... that is if the book doesn't change my mind about getting the car. what car you ask? THIS! ... droooool
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