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Wednesday 17th October - My new website...
In case you haven't heard yet, I know own a comedy forum website that can be found here... Talk Comedy. I'm currently on the look out for board moderators, so if you're interested, let me know. XX ThaPoofta
Friday 21st September - A few updates
I've fixed a small problem with purple rain and I hope to get it uploaded sometime tomorrow. I've swapped the icon in Ubber 1337 too, so I need to get that uploaded too. I've also added a piccie of me on my personal page. Later. ThaPoofta
Sunday 16th September - New site launch
I know it seems like I redesign my site every few weeks, but I have done it again. Geocities was having problems with the frames page that I was previously using. Hopefully by the time I publish this I will have switched to f2s. The reason I didn't publish the last site there, was that they were having a few problems. There isn't much on the site right now, but as far as I'm aware ALL the links are working. I start college properly in the morning, so I won't be able to get things done as fast as I have been doing recently. That's all for now, ta-ra. ThaPoofta