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Welcome to That's Fishy
From Scranton, PA

"The present time has one advantage over every other
- it is our own."

Charles Caleb Colton.



Hi My name is Derek at That's Fishy.
I would like to share with you my 75 Gallon community salt water tank.

It took me ten years to get here.
Thousands of dollars later and lots of junk in the basement.
Hopefully You will learn from my mistakes!
From the junk you can throw your money away on to the good stuff.

The Blue Tang, Foxface, Picasso Triger and a clown!
The Blue Tang is about 6 inches long.
All these fish have been in my tank for 2 1/2 years.
And they said no to the Triger!
Triger Update: After a rock cleaning the triger was found in the kitchen sink. I ran him back to the tank and he has made a speedy recovery. I feel so bad. And who says they are so easy to kill.

Mushrooms being taken over by hair alge!
Had about 100 down to 15 or so big ones.

The computer controlled night light and thermostat.

The water filtration system.
The white pipe going up is a return for the fish tank.
The small tube is running from the
RO storage tank to the fish tank.

X-10 pc controlled for automatic dimming and Brightening.
Mounted under the tank hood.

Thank all of you for input into this undertaking.
The most common questions I have received have been on
connecting line voltage thermostats to the fans in the hood.
First let me say I am not an electrician but I do know
Electricity and saltwater do not go well together.
If your not comfortable working on this type of system
then don't do it! If you do it make sure your fans are on a GFI.
If you don't know what that is move on! Make sure all connections
are water tight and well insulated. Make sure your fans are rated
for the amperage of the thermostat.

From Grainger

A great fan can be found at almost any pc show.
Using as little wattage as possible.
The 3 inch fan fits perfect.

You can... Shop the local pet shop?(MAYBE.Maybe not)

See the lighting system.

See my pictures.


Click picture to see how you can get Lego graph Paper!

Visit Tropical & Marine Paridise in Stroudsburg, PA
AT last a store that has people in it who know fish!

Visit a great SALTWATER SHOP near Williamsport, PA.

Visit a great scuba diving store in Northeastern PA

Great scuba diving links from Scuber.


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