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We Won't Let The Sun Go Down On You

In Loving Memory Of Squidge and Mischief.

Rest in Peace
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We Did Not Die.
Do not stand at our graves and weep,
We are not there, We do not sleep.
We are a thousand winds that blow;
We are the diamond glints on snow.
We are the sunlight on ripened grain;
We are the gentle Autumn's rain.

When you awaken in the morning's hush,
We are the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
We are the soft star that shines at night.
Do not stand at our graves and cry.
We are not there;
We did not die.


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Motoring Section.
Fun Section.
Misc Section.

The Motoring Section.
Morons Of The Road.
Are you constantly annoyed at those people who carve you up on
roundabouts, pull out in front of you and chug along at 20mph,
etc, etc? You are? Well, Morons Of The Road gives you the chance
to get back at them. Just fill in the Form stating the car type,
colour and reg plate (if you were quick enough) and what they did, and
I'll gladly place them here in this hall of flame! Morons
Second Hand Car Buying.
Here's a 'guide' about buying a second hand car. It is, I hope,
humourously written, and a bit of fun around a serious subject;
Although it could help you out when buying yourself a Second
Hand Car. I hope so anyway!
Incidently, this is original work by me, not something by Jeremy Clarkson as some have mentioned!

M.O.T. Test.
Every driver's nightmare, well for those with the older car, is the MOT test.
It need not be such a nightmare. Here is a rough outline to the MOT which,
perhaps, could make the difference between a pass and a fail.

Motoring Acronyms.
What exactly do ALB, RWD, CL, etc, mean when your trying to buy a car?
Now you can find out with these Motoring acronyms.

The Fun! Section.
Lateral Thinker?
Like puzzles that get your brain in gear? Try this simple Test.
And this is how well 'they' have Scored so far! 

All kinds of stuff in here, something may even make you laugh!!!
Stroll into the Jokes page.

Animated Gifs And Amusing Pictures!
Okay, so many sites have them, and you've probably seen them all
before. Never mind. You're here now! Here's a _small_ selection
(for now, I hope!) of Animated gifs. Copyrights remain those
of the originators! Although the planets are mine.
And here's a direct link to the Pictures page!

The Misc! Section.
Links Page!
When you've become bored of these pages, if ever that was possible :-) check
out the links page and try somewhere different? Who knows, something could
be of interest to you.
Go on, go for it, you'll never know if you don't click HERE!

I've gathered together a list of Acronyms.
No more confused gazing at the screen now, maybe?

That's Yer Lot Folks!

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